Things to Consider when Renting Meeting Rooms in Bangkok

Formal Corporate Meeting RoomThe need to have meeting rooms for a company or a business is inevitable. This is the room where businessmen hold meetings with their clients and other business associates. Needless to say, meeting rooms play a vital role in the successful execution of day-to-day business operations. In fact, Bangkok is a hub of small scale industries and entrepreneurs. Every year, nearly a million of new businesses and entrepreneurs step into the market with a vision to establish a successful enterprise. However, with the rapid increase in the real-estate prices in Bangkok, small business and startups may not be able to buy a fancy office or meeting rooms to hold meetings with their clients. Thus, renting meeting rooms in Bangkok is best alternative to save plenty of company's resources.

In recent days, the demand for meeting rooms has skyrocketed with the emergence of more huge number of businesses every day. If you're looking to rent a meeting room in Bangkok, here are some factors that you must look into before finalizing your deal.


Space is one of the most important factors to be considered when renting a meeting room.

In fact, inadequate space is one of the main reasons why most businesses look out for alternatives to hold meetings. Based on the number of people to be invited in the meeting, it is important to make sure that your current office space is able to accommodate all. If not, then hiring a meeting or conference room providing ample free space should be an ideal decision. A board meeting will usually require you to hire a small room, while a conference might need a spacious one. Remember that the size of the room will directly impact your rental price. So make sure you are aware of your budget before making any final decision.


It is bad to have your employees or clients spend their whole day finding the meeting room location. Make sure you rent a meeting room that is centrally placed or at least located in easily accessible parts of the city. The location should be well connected to all modes of transportation. It is your duty to make your clients feel comfortable while commuting to your chosen place of meeting. Wat Tha Phra, Phaya Thai, Sathon, Si Phraya, Chatuchak are some of the most popular destinations for meeting rooms.


Make sure the room is equipped with the right number of chairs and tables. All the furniture used should be aesthetically pleasing. The furniture should have a polished look and must reflect a professional atmosphere. Apart from furniture, the interiors should be painted decoratively to have a good impression on your clients.


The major reason why renting meeting rooms in Bangkok have become so popular is that these rooms provide facilities that even a regular office would lack. Such rooms are equipped with high-tech furniture and latest gadgets like projectors, laptops, and good sound equipment. You can expect to get high-speed internet connectivity as well.

Rental Price

The price of the rental will definitely depend upon the size of the room, location and facilities chosen. Also, the rental charges can be made on a per hour or per day basis. Make sure you compare various services in your vicinity before finalizing anything. This will ensure that you get the service at the reasonable price. The rental price for meeting rooms in Bangkok can begin from 5000 BAHT and goes up to 25000 BAHT, depending upon the location and facilities acquired.

Keep in mind all these factors and you will be able to find yourself some good options in the market. These factors will help you make informed choice and make sure that you are able to make the most out of this kind of service at reasonable prices. Since the real estate pricing in Bangkok is fluctuating, it is advised to conduct a thorough market to make sure you get the best price.

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