The Sales Rep's Motto [Infographic]

Most sales reps spend 40% or more of their time collecting and assembling information for their next sales pitch. While this time is not futile, as it helps to perfect the presentation, perhaps the sales rep could produce a higher return by boosting sales enablement by 10%. You can raise sales enablement, here is how.

The typical sales rep devotes their time accordingly:

  • Tracking marketing materials-2.3 hours per week
  • Investigating client information-5.8 hours per week
  • Improving sales pitches-6.4 hours per week

The sales team could spend more time presenting their sales pitches to potential customers, and work for 50 hours a week, instead of 40 hours. However, this is not in the best interest of the company, or the employee. The best way to efficiently increase sales is through automated sales technology.

With the addition of automation, a sales rep can multiply the amount of time they spend directly with potential clients by as much as 10%. Just think of how much you can accomplish, if your sales team improves their productivity!

With this technology they can:

  • Complete deals more efficiently
  • Amass larger deals
  • Close a higher number of deals each quarter

Conveniently, you can use automated sales technology on laptops, PCs, and mobile devices.


Infographic courtesy of RO|nnovation.

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