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The Most Sought-After Skills in Healthcare Management

Becoming a manager in healthcare is about more than just management skills. Those in a healthcare management role are leaders, at the forefront of finding new and effective ways of providing safe, holistic, person-centered care for the community and beyond. If you want to climb the career ladder in healthcare administration and management, below are the most sought-after skills you will need.


Any manager needs to be accountable for their own actions, but no more so than those in healthcare. To build strong relationships with others, you need to show them it is good practice to hold your hands up and admit your wrongdoings. It is not about the mistakes we make; it is more about how we bounce back from these and fix them.

Being accountable means being honest when you have made a mistake. This shows courage and determination to do the right thing.

Team Management

No matter how high up the career ladder you go, you cannot forget your team. The best managers are also leaders, and they know they are not able to complete a task without their team. Never let your managerial status get to your head, as this will be your downfall. To be a great team manager, you need to be:

  • Confident
  • Adaptable
  • Fair
  • Organized
  • Respected

“Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan


How can you expect to lead and change healthcare if you are not passionate about the subject? This means wanting to make a change and being proud of what you do achieve. You may face plenty of knock-backs, but you should never give up. To be a great manager, you need the passion and drive to push your team, especially during short deadlines. Being up-to-date with the latest news on healthcare outside of work is a huge advantage. You can gain expert advice and knowledge by following healthcare publications and magazines.

Managers must be passionate about their role to inspire others to be the same.

Quick Thinking

You should be able to think on your feet and come to quick decisions. There may be times when last-minute decisions need to be made, and if you are the senior manager, you will ultimately be in charge of making this decision. There are ways in which you can improve your mind in order to think more efficiently and faster:

  • Start making quick-thinking part of your everyday life
  • Get enough sleep
  • Meditate
  • Prioritize
  • Keep calm
  • Regularly work out your brain with puzzles or by reading

Quick thinking skills allow you to make the best decisions under pressure.

Problem Solving

Healthcare isn’t short of problems to solve and unlike many other industries, problem-solving is one of the biggest parts of healthcare management. There will always be something that can be done better, and you should be good at not only finding a solution but finding the problem. The best way to improve these skills is through experience and education.

Your problem-solving skills will become refined over time. Be sure to reflect back on the problems that you faced in your career and how you came to a solution. Pick apart your work and outline what was good and bad about it. This is how you become a great problem solver.

Solving problems is a huge part of healthcare management and you need to reflect on past mistakes and what you did well to flourish and grow in this skill.

Industry Knowledge

Throughout a healthcare management degree, you will gain experience and industry knowledge needed to begin your healthcare management career. You may touch on subjects such as:

  • Organizational behavior
  • S healthcare organizations
  • Human resources
  • Strategic management
  • Leadership within healthcare
  • Changing healthcare policies

There is no better way to understand industry knowledge than through healthcare degrees.

Understanding of Legal and Ethical Requirements

Healthcare is full of both legal and ethical requirements that must be fulfilled. As modern healthcare is constantly changing and people are more aware of how to sue healthcare companies, managers in this industry need to understand the requirements of any new rules or policies they update. This means keeping an eye on any changing rules and laws within state and country.

Legal and ethical requirements are fundamental in implementing changes in healthcare that will not cause lawsuits and mistrust.

Healthcare managers require many refined skills to improve healthcare. Through learning both in your own time and in your degree, you can begin to polish these skills. Experience will be a big factor in refining these skills to become a great healthcare manager.

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