The Importance Of Project Management In The Construction Industry

Many people are not aware of what role project management plays in the construction industry. At the same time, construction companies around the world are spending huge sums of money on hiring the best people for this role. The right project management courses will certainly help those who plan on taking on this job as a profession.

A Difficult Job, But A Vital Role


The plain truth is that project management in the construction industry is not an easy job, and it becomes increasingly more complex as and when more companies become involved in the construction project. To understand the importance of project management in the construction industry, we need to look at some telling recent examples. The World Trade Center PATH Station was originally meant to cost about two billion US dollars, and it was scheduled to be finished by the beginning of 2013. However, the World Trade Center PATH Station will now only be opened a year after its original scheduled date, and the estimated cost has risen to double the original cost, i.e. four billion dollars.

When we look at the money involved in constructing this project, we see that for the same amount of money, New York City-along with New Jersey-could easily have constructed new rail lines, and they could also have improved the capacity of the newly opened Second Avenue Subway. The money taken to construct the PATH Station could also have been used to improve the roadways. In fact, for this sum of money an entire city could have built a new rail line. Although, this is a US example, we see the same situation the world over, especially in places such as the UK and indeed, our own country too.

The problems in construction

A vast majority of construction companies suffer from lack of flexibility in so far as their budgets and timelines go. A poorly executed construction project can lead to problems with cost overruns and delays, as well as the paucity of planning - all of which will cost the company a lot of money and a loss of trust.


It is very important for construction companies to spare no effort in hiring project managers who are well-qualified and experienced. These project managers need to have completed project management courses that educate them about various aspects of the role, including understanding how to define a project. The course should also provide training in project management theory as well as project management processes. Theory is vitally important and the most important issue as far as good project management goes.

Good project managers are in high demand

Aspiring project managers need to be well prepared for the job. They are, after all, the backbone of the project and the company. It is therefore, necessary for project managers to be clear in their minds about what is involved. They also need to have a good understanding of the reasons for the project, and they should be aware about the necessity of meeting goals as well as deadlines. A good project manager must also be good at negotiating.

The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It also employs people from various disciplines and backgrounds. Project management courses are designed to help future project managers by providing them with an opportunity to gain practical skills. At the end of the course, future project managers will be trained and ready to handle all kinds of projects. They will also learn how to create plans that help to get the project completed on time and within budget.

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