Skills and Role of the Scrum Master in an Agile Project

One of the essential parts of the Scrum Team is the scrum master itself. If we have to define a scrum master it would be someone who has the responsibility to have full control over the scrum procedures plus he or she resolves any kind of hindrance faced by the scrum processes. A scrum master is also responsible for training the scrum crew about the agile scrum in detail and also delivering everything successfully. The job profile of a scrum master is a hectic and a challenging one. A scrum master is fully responsible for fulfilling the deadlines of every project he or she takes up. So let us discuss the role of a scrum master in an Agile project. To know more about CSM Certification, you may visit StarAgile site.

Other jobs of the scrum master include facilitating the various kinds of scrum ceremonies. Firstly, a scrum master looks into the perfect working of the agile project. He or she also makes sure that all the team members have all kind of amenities to complete the project efficiently. It is also the role of the scrum master to understand the priority of the agile project according to the goals set by the product owner. Scrum master should perform all the pending work that is ordered by the product owner, plus keeping in mind of delivering the project work on time with proper product quality. People working in a team may often argue between themselves, but it is the duty of the master to resolve such conflicts with his communication skills. So, a scrum master needs to develop his communication as well. A scrum master has to be actively involved in all kind of technical matters related to the agile project so that he or she can find out what is lacking in the smooth completion of the project, thereby making sure the involvement of the product owner in making different business decisions. He or she also describes the functional flow of the agile project to the product owner.

Here are some of the skills and the role of the scrum master in an agile project listed below:

  1. A scrum master needs to perform daily scrum, planning of the sprint, print demo and analyse meetings of each day.
  2. Responsible to resolve any kind of conflicts among the team members and promotes that all should be honest and respect the work given to them.
  3. Should have a friendly approach while communicating among the team members as all of them has to work in haste in Agile, in which case only good communication skills can hold a team together.
  4. Needs to deliver maximum work within a particular timeline based on the availability of resources.
  5. A scrum master should have the skill to plan his work with proper estimation and develop useful and practical plans for the software development of the projects.
  6. Should be a perfect coach in Agile practices for his or her team members.
  7. Should help each team member to achieve and know their goals and actions in the project.
  8. The scrum master should have the ability to protect his team from outside negativity and interference.
  9. Should know to use the scrum process appropriately.
  10. Should identify and eliminate all kind of impediments in the project.
  11. A scrum master should selflessly think about his or her team members and then about himself or herself.

Here are some of the duties performed by a scrum master:

  1. Enhances the creativity of the team members thereby developing the team both internally and externally.
  2. Linking the scrum processes with the co-operation of the scrum team in Agile methodology.
  3. Arranging all kinds of meetings daily, starting from demo meetings until performing decision making meetings.
  4. Scrum master facilitates product backlogs and prepares for the next sprint.
  5. Need to arrange retrospective meetings.

Protects the team from both internal conflicts and external distractions.

The Leadership Behaviors Expected from a Scrum Master in an Agile Project:

  1. To Drive Innovation:

It is the duty of a scrum master to come up with new or unique solutions and take up new ideas that help and motivates the sustainability of the Agile project which would encompass everything- starting from continuous improvement to the creation of innovative products and packages. A scrum master should also collaborate with the system and its customer and stakeholders for the proper functioning of the Agile methodology. He or she should use his PR skills to develop a great relationship and trust level with the stakeholders so that to stretch the project appropriately and to have a positive influence upon the system.

  1. A Scrum Master Should Act Like An Owner:

A scrum master needs to act like an owner himself or herself thereby delivering results, creating greater value for the brands, the system, the customers and for all the primary stakeholders. He should stand as a model of inspiration for his team members. He or she should have his or her own principles and a project mission which he would deliver among his team members. He should preach his vision in such a manner that he should be projecting his passion for business and gives his team members the realization that anything is possible with proper hard work and determination. A scrum master should not only work developing himself but also developing others working around him or her. He or she is fully responsible for the development of his or her team members thereby extracting the full potentiality of each team member.

While in the entire process of an agile software development method, a scrum master actually has a challenging role to fulfill has he or she has the full responsibility for the proper functioning of the team. It not only monitors the scrum processes but also carries out the meetings and dealings while the project is on. His basic role includes motivating his team and increase their efficiency, including spinning and arguing for the changes that will ensure quality and prevent his team members from wasting much time.

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