Productivity Training DIY Style - Tips to Get You more Organised and in Control

productivityThere's nothing worse than getting to the end of another long day and feeling like you have not achieved. Mountains of paperwork to complete, endless emails to read and respond to and looming deadlines around the corner. Time to take control and learn how to work smarter, not harder. We cannot make time slow down or add more minutes to a day. Productivity training is very doable and with these tips, you'll be well on your way to a new you.

Big rocks are critical

We all understand the importance of preparing and maintaining our to do list and prioritisation of tasks is critical to helping us achieve goals however have you ever considered the big rocks? Big rocks are those must-do tasks that are right up there with the top priorities. These items must be allocated first into your daily/weekly schedule. Only then can you slot in all the other required work. When you consider your big rocks first, you will always make sure that your main tasks are covered off.

Ensure technology works in your favour

Our email programs are designed to help us in more ways than you may realise. One of the most important features to get familiar with are rules, or filters. Once defined, they will automatically file and sort important messages into appropriate folders and even discard unimportant emails that you no longer want to see. This way when you sit down to work you can go straight to the folder where your highest priority emails will already be sitting. Now that’s efficient.

Getting the balance right

Remaining hydrated and taking regular breaks will not only help clear your mind but ensure you have a better chance at remaining focused. When we are tired and hungry, the smallest distractions can cause frustration and result in stress.

Minimise distractions

Do you have a sense of what your main distractions are? As hard as it may sound, there are many ways to minimise distractions and give you back control of your time. It could be as simple as turning off email alerts, switching your phone to voicemail or re-arranging your desk so that you are organised and not working amongst clutter. You can never completely eliminate being interrupted but you can play your part to minimise the situations.

Establish a routine

When we establish routines, we are instantly putting ourselves in the driver’s seat. Your routine may include spending the first hour or every day preparing your to-do list, actioning any urgent messages and preparing for the day ahead. It may include booking yourself into a meeting, for one, giving you quality uninterrupted time to tackle your highest priority task. It may mean making a calendar entry which ‘forces’ you to take a break and get lunch at the appropriate time. Whatever your routine is, find one that works for you, a system that allows you to get done what you need to, and try to stick to it. Build into your day time for the unknown, allow for the odd interruption and you’ll be far more relaxed and in control.

Productivity training

Learning to become productive takes focus and dedication, however it is achievable and very rewarding. Whilst there are many training courses you can attend to teach you the theory behind the concept, adopting skills and applying them on the job is the best way to learn and find out what really works for you. Every one has different needs so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Becoming productive is a personal journey and one that is well worth the time and dedication. You’ll get more organised and be in control of your day.

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