Office Remodel Ideas for a Successful Renovation

Cleaning Office HallWhat do most innovative companies have in common? The answer is a welcoming and exciting office. They have a space that lowers the Monday blues, and people feel enthusiastic about coming and working there. Airbnb and Shopee have offices that match their work nature yet are relaxing and welcoming. The differential point in their office design is that their HR manager understood the needs and wants of the employee and business simultaneously.

So, if you happen to plan an office renovation, make sure to do well in the pre-planning stage. Only then you can attain a successful design-built office renovation. Thoughtful planning is the foundation of any triumphant renovation or construction project. Here are some ideas which will help you renovate your office space more efficiently:

Why Renovate Your Office?

Every business owner should ensure that their employees have an easy, comfortable, and safe workplace that can provoke and encourage their innovation. Many research results show that the employees’ productivity is directly affected by the type of environment they work in.

Apart from productivity, sometimes change in the environment is everything you need to bring the best out of people. So, if you find yourself aiming for enhanced productivity and positive work culture, your office renovation can lend a much-needed helping hand.

Steps To Renovate Your Office

Identify Your Renovation Goals

  • Have a clear picture of the results you want to achieve after renovation. Every aspect of your renovation should be inlined with your renovation goals.
  • Ask the following questions to set realistic office renovation goals;
    • Do you need more working desks for your employees?
    • Do your employees appreciate open spaces where they can collaborate and discuss?
    • Do you have enough meeting rooms?
    • Are your kitchens and bathrooms enough for your current staff?
    • Is your office accessible for specially-abled people?
    • Do you have any safety hazards that need to be taken care of? For example, are there tripping hazards or too few emergency exit doors?

Once you have sorted your renovation goals, the next step is to settle and answer some logistics questions. These may include;

  • Foremost what is the budget on hand?
  • Do you need to halt the business activities during the renovation?
  • Do you need a consultant for remodelling, like renovation and construction general contractors?
  • Will you alter the current furniture or need to buy new office furniture?
  • Approximately how long will it take to complete the renovation?

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Research And Deploy Designers And Contractors

This is by far the most critical step in your renovation planning. The teams and workers you choose to remodel your working space should be able to work together in harmony. They will have to collaborate to come up with the end product that matches your needs and demands.

So, before choosing your renovation contractors and designer, thorough due diligence is a must. Here is who you will need onboard for your office renovation project.

  • Interior and architectural design team: this team will bring your vision to life.
  • Internal project manager: it can be someone from your human resource team or anyone that volunteers to have a new job on hand.
  • Corporate remodelling company: a general contractor or remodelling company will provide you with the professional expertise and services to execute the renovation project.
  • Dumpster company: hire a reputable dumpster company to deal with the demolition debris and construction leftover.

Concurrently, hiring both the general contractor and interior designer provides a lot of benefits when it comes to communication and project harmony. Choosing the companies like Belvan Construction that provide combined design and build services can save you from many contracting difficulties.

Evaluate Your Building

After getting your team ready, never directly step into a renovation. Always get your building inspected for lead, asbestos, mould, and other hazardous elements that can be hiding in the walls of your office. This may seem like an extra task both in terms of money and time, but the benefits you obtain make it worth the effort.

Some other areas that you can evaluate for damages include;

  • Inspection of the current plumbing, drainage, electrical, and mechanical systems.
  • Condition of support beams and load-bearing walls.
  • Inspect the condition of the emergency warning system.
  • Examine and locate the historical aspects of the building that need to be preserved.

Communicate The Renovation Plan To Your Employees

Office renovation plans and activities should be communicated to the employees immediately. If you plan to shift to work from home during the renovation, let them know about it so that they can adequately prepare to work off-site. If you don’t plan to close the office, let them know about the construction and inspection time. This will help them better understand the impact the renovation process will have on their work.

Start The Renovation Process

You have planned, designed, inspected, and communicated the details to all the stakeholders involved. This means now you are fully prepared to start office renovation that will result in nothing but success.

Summing up, office renovation does not only boost productivity but also encourages innovation, creativity, and an air of vibrance and energy amongst employees. However, there are numerous pre-planning factors that a business owner should consider before renovating his office. Amongst these, the most critical factor is the selection of an appropriate firm to take care of the project.

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