How to Select a Suitable Office Space for Your Company?

Selecting the right office space can be very critical to the performance of your company. Having an office at the right location will not only make it more noticeable to people but will also increase the reputation of your business. There are a number of factors that you must consider before renting, or in some rare cases buying, your office space. Today we will discuss the three most important factors that you should remember before making any investment into an office.

Requirement of Office:

The first thing to do before you go to look for office space is estimate your requirement carefully. The important factors that you should keep in mind are number of employees, chance of growth in next 5 years, parking space, and extra rooms required. Keeping the number of employees in mind will help you in choosing a place big enough to be suitable whereas if you have done calculations for next 5 years, you will not need to change offices after just 1 year if you have to hire new employees.


Parking space is of prime importance for a slightly bigger organization that has around 30 employees or more. In these cases parking in the street no longer remains an option and you have to find a proper area where your employees can park their cars safely. Extra rooms indicate the area required for meeting rooms, cafeteria, kitchen, bathrooms, copier room, file storage area and other requirements which are necessary for any office.

Facilities in the Area:

You must also check out the facilities that you need to have near your office. For example if your line of business includes frequent financial transactions, it is highly recommended that you move to an area that has a large bank. Other facilities that you need to consider are parking area, public transport access, good cafes or restaurants, and postal service offices. It is best to choose an office that is already next to a public parking, this way you will not have to spend any extra money on developing parking facilities.

Office Facility

If your office does not have good cafes nearby, employees who do not bring lunch from home will be very much irritated as everyone is looking for a good snack in their break time. Similarly presence of public transport will make commuting easy for employees. Access to a postal service will help dispatch important documents and boxes without any delay and increase efficiency.

Access to Clients:

After considering the office space and nearby facilities for employees, the last key point is to determine if the location suits your clients. Different businesses have different types of clients and the office space should be acquired accordingly. For example if you are a real estate company selling vacation homes and huge villas, you cannot get office in a down ridden neighbourhood with bars. On the other hand if you get a space in a prime location in a posh area, you will attract a lot of clients.

Office Access

Similarly, if you are a document archiving business and your business storage is a whole floor above you, you will need to rent office space in an area where you can easily bring in trucks full of documents and unload for storage. The intelligent choice of office space will not only save money from getting a grand office that you might not need but will also do some free advertising for you if you are at a location that your clients may drive by daily.

The above three points are, of course, not the only parameters to be considered whilst choosing an office, however, they certainly are the most important ones. If you keep them in mind, you are bound to be on the right tack when you start your office search.

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