How to Save Money When Renting Self-Storage Units

With inner-city homes becoming smaller and smaller, space can come at a premium. This had led to an increase in companies offering self storage solutions - but the costs can be quite high. If you are looking to rent some storage space then you can significantly reduce the expense involved with a few handy tips. We've outlined those below so please read them before you enter into a contract, or if you are already renting storage space and need to reduce your costs.

Self Storage Units

Try to Reduce the Amount of Space You Need

If you can slim down on the items that you are storing in a self-storage then it will enable you to switch over to smaller unit, which in turn will mean a reduction in rental costs. Most people, if they take an honest appraisal of what they have in storage will probably see that in fact some of it could be recycled, sent to a charity store, or even binned off completely. Perhaps you can give some items to friends of create some eBay auctions. The key is to access what it is you have in storage, and whether it is truly needed in the future.

Pack Efficiently & Maximize Space

The amount you pay for self storage will depend on the amount of room you require. If you can reduce the size of your packaging then this will lead on to smaller storage space requirements. Try to see if it's possible to store items within other items, roll fabrics instead of folding them, and just generally maximize your space where possible. In our experience it is sometimes possible to reduce storage costs by 30% by simply be cleverer and smarter when packing your items.


Check Your Storage Insurance Policy

When you rent a storage unit, the storage company will probably try to sell you an insurance policy for incidents such as fire, theft, flooding, and anything else that could compromise the value and safety of your property. Invariably this insurance via the storage company is more expensive than it would cost if you were to approach an insurance company yourself. Have a look at your existing policy and see if it's possible to switch over to a new and cheaper supplier. You could save hundreds of dollars for the duration of your storage rental.

Change the Supplied Lock on the Storage Unit

The self storage company will supply you with a lock and key for your rented unit. Many storage companies will try to cut on costs by buying cheap locking solutions. You are well within your rights to swap the lock and key for a higher quality one that you buy yourself. Whilst this means an additional cost outlay, it could save you money, time, and heartache in the future should you rented storage unit be broken into. Some suggested brands which come highly recommended are Yale, Kasp, Abus, and Sesame. The best materials tend to be ones made from titanium.

Always Pay Your Storage Rent on Time

The monthly rental bill for your storage unit should always be paid on time. Many self storage businesses have rather strict guidelines for when your bill should be paid. If you examine the small print it's more likely than not that you will be fined overdue bill amounts of sometimes up to 50% on any late payments. To avoid unnecessary expense make sure to set up a direct payment to come from your bank account each month so you don't forget - and avoid overdue payment fines.

Article courtesy of the team at - a self-storage company based in Southampton, United Kingdom. Please visit their website and blog for more hints and tips on how to get the best from your storage space.

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