How to Reduce your Monthly Telephone Bill

scaredCommunication through telephone has faced a dramatic change over the past few years. These rapid changes made it important to check regularly for the new updates. If the services are not evaluated properly, then there is a chance to pay for unused services also. Profit can happen only when the income exceeds the cost of operating a business and cost cutting activities are very essential for the success of a business organization. Cutting the monthly telephone bill is very important in doing a business. Without doing telephone calls a business can't proceed. There are a lot of ways through which we can reduce cost on telephone calls.

Different ways to cut-down a telephone bill:

1. Determine the most appropriate service plan for your business:

Analyze and estimate the company's needs through observational and personal surveys and then determine the service plan for the business telephone system. The different service plans can be categorized in to three. First category includes the plans which allow unlimited calling within a local area without any additional charge. The second category includes plans with charges applied to local calls according to the time/distance/time of day. Third category includes plans which apply charges to each local call without regard to duration or distance.

2. Change your traditional phone system to VoIP:

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology in which phone calls are made over a broadband Internet connection. Using VoIP local and international calls can be made using the internet connection without any cost. The new trend in using VoIP technology is to use Hosted VoIP with the help of a third party service provider. Small business firms can also afford it as Hosted VoIP doesn't require any investment in hardware. Most service providers provide special VoIP features at free of cost like voice mail, dedicated fax line, call waiting, automatic call diversion, caller display, etc. VoIP is very easy to manage or update as the business needs change. It's easy to add or remove extensions using web-based control panel.

3. Connect offices together:

If any business firm has more than one office and frequent communications has to occur between them, then connecting the offices for free telephone calls will be good for reducing the telephone cost.

4. Use Hosted telephony instead of traditional telephone system:

A business can have a Hosted telephony system in which all the hardware parts are operated and maintained by a third party service provider. In Hosted telephony the incoming lines can be obtained from any service provider and the telephone system inside the firm can be connected using either traditional telephone cabling or structured cabling using Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cables.

5. Audit while shopping:

Auditing on spending is required not only in phone service, but also in other expenses as well. As time goes up, prices for telephone services increases and at the same time they may not be meeting the requirements of the business. Compare the offers given by at least two competitors and decide which one to chose. Always try to find and compare cheap phone providers.

6. Review the phone bills every month:

To increase savings, review monthly bill every month. The common problems like bogus internet charges from companies other than your ISP, more than one long-distance carrier included and directory listings that are not listed can sometimes turn up as golden opportunities for savings.

So start to work on reducing the telephone bills. BroadConnect Telecom can provide Hosted PBX services, SIP trunking facility and many more. They are also able to advice just what type of solution will better suit for a business. BroadConnect also helps to transform the existing phone system to IP phones and thus can use the Hosted telephony service.

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