How to Keep Your Office Reception Area Clean and Interesting?

officePeople judge an office and its business by how it keeps its reception area. This is because it is the first thing anyone notices upon entering the office. If you are a business owner and want to impress your customers, you must seriously consider cleaning your office area.

Even a professional cleaning service can help you in making your area much cleaner than before. How can you make your customers happy? How can you maintain customer retention aside from delivering quality products and services?

An inviting office will make an impression on the minds of your customers that they will remember forever. A reception area full of magazines, trash, and an uninviting front desk officer will repel your clients.

Read here about how to keep your office reception area clean. You can also get help from a professional cleaning service in your area.

Focus On Floor Cleaning

The floor is one of the things people notice. Having big tiles are of no use if they are not clean enough. Your reception will be receiving high amounts of footfalls. Therefore, it must be ensured that your floor near your reception area is clean.

To keep it clean, you need frequent cleaning, hoovering, mopping, and sweeping. If your floor’s condition is awful, you can go for professional floor cleaning services in your area. What more you can do is hire special cleaners to keep on cleaning the area every fifteen minutes or so. You can also keep a boot scraper to keep the area clean.

Create A Pleasant Environment

Your environment would matter a lot for anyone wanting to join your firm. If your environment is not good enough, it can push your customers away. Everybody gets stressed out because of the everyday hustle and bustle – all these demands for a place that can offer a bit of relief.

Keep your office environment pleasant by playing low volume music in the background. However, it is conditional based on the nature of the business. Moreover, you can keep some indoor plants to create a source of natural calm. All it would create a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

If you own a building with glass exteriors, it becomes crucial to do its professional cleaning at least once a week. Your glass exterior can impact your interior too. Therefore, to give your office a beautiful outlook, it is necessary to hire a professional cleaning service.

Hiring professional cleaning services would help you in redefining your reception area. There are companies offering window washing services. You can take their services to clean your exterior of the building affecting the interior or cleaning the reception area.

Professional cleaners offer various services such as window cleaning, high dusting, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, or more.

Educate Your Customers About Your Business

Try to keep the waiting time minimum by keeping your services efficient. If your customers have to wait, you can use this opportunity to educate your customers about your business.

You can hand them your promotional materials and pamphlets to read as they wait. What a blessing you can do for them is to provide them with free Wi-Fi. Most of your customers would have smartphones.

Disinfect And Sanitize

Disinfecting your area, especially in these days of COVID-19, is extremely important. Disinfect your reception area because most of the people would be visiting that part of your office.

Moreover, if you are taking professional services, ensure that they have the safety certifications. The most common safety certifications are:

  • PPE
  • CSTS
  • And First Aid

You can reassure your employees and clients that you are taking precautions to protect their health with rapid COVID testing in Washington DC and other US cities. These tests can be performed on an ongoing basis to ensure that active cases are caught before they have the chance to spread among staff. Combined with regular workplace cleaning, you can keep your workplace COVID-free.

Keep Your Devices Clean

Keep all your devices near your reception area clean. You can use some antibacterial liquid, wipes, brush, polish, and a microfiber cloth for this purpose. Use cotton buds to clean every nook of the laptop or device.

Also, sort hanging wires to reduce further clutter around the reception area. It is better to keep laptops there to avoid wiring mess. But, if you use PCs, you can use panels to keep the mess of the wires behind the panels.

A professional cleaning company excellently does professional cleaning. If you think your business needs extra cleaning, getting help from a reliable cleaning service would be of great help.


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