How to check any company account for free?

Registering a business checking account as an entrepreneur is a safeguard to prevent you and your business from falling prey to fraudsters. There are a lot of business checking account providers that offer their services for a fee.

Doing business whether it is online or offline, you need this feature to make the right business and partnership choices. Not satisfied with a company? Check them out.

Perhaps, you want to invest in a company’s stock on the Stock Exchange market and you need to view their financial records to help you make the decision. The information contained in this article is right for you.

If you are running a small-scale business and are on a tight budget, do not fret yet. There are also many business checking account providers that provide free accounts. Yes, you read right, free accounts.

Does that mean you will pay nothing for the account? Not really. What it means is that the usual monthly or annual fee normally charged for the right of usage is waived. You may have to pay more for extra services like more information about the company.

There are a lot of companies that provide this service for free. These online checkers make it easy to search for a company and find their financial records.

Checking with Experian Business Account

Checking a company’s account, knowing whom, you are doing business with helps you make great business decisions. You will have an extensive view of the reliability and trustworthiness of prospective business partners and suppliers.

Experian has an extensive bank on United Kingdom companies. If you are in the UK or doing business in the UK, you can use Experian to check the status of UK-based companies. All you have to do is log in to the website.

Some of the features allowed include: check and monitor UK companies, check and monitor any UK companies, set credit limits, qualify prospects and suppliers, set realistic credit limits, how to see if a client has CCJs, check to see if customers and suppliers have CCJs, check in-depth credit history, bankruptcy filings and more.

If you need account information about any company in the United Kingdom, Experian Business Express is the go-to online site.

It is a comprehensive company account checking set of tools that use the best predictive scoring models to determine the creditworthiness and authenticity of your business partners and suppliers.

It is a predictive tool that helps you analyze the chances of company account failures over a 12 months range.

Once you open an account with Experian, you will enjoy access to any company account details you want plus other additional information. The information provided helps you know what the financial and creditworthiness status of the company is. Does it have strong financial health? Has the company filed for bankruptcy before? Is it on the verge or in a bad financial situation?

Experian Business Express is not free. But you can take advantage of the free trial it offers to get this information for free.

Check with the Securities and Exchange Commission for U.S Companies

Experian Business Express is majorly for U.K companies. The company account you want to check is not a U.K company? Try the Securities and Exchange Commission website for United States companies. Each country has its own company regulatory body like the SEC in the U.S. Find out what they are called, check their websites, or approach one of their offices for information about the company.

This method is for those companies that are publicly traded on the Stock Exchange market. By law, they are mandated to disclose their financial records to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Always check with the Securities and Exchange Commission before you invite in the stock of a company to know its financial health.

Check the Company’s Website

Another way to check a company account for free is to open their website and search for information about how the company is faring. This is the easiest way to go about it. It is also the most untrustworthy way to check a company’s account.

Companies do not tend to show a poor or struggling financial account on their website. Rather, the website is full of wonderful testimonies, awards, and excellent financial records that are convincing. You can use this as a first step before proceeding to others.

If you have doubts about a company’s account story, it’s no stress crosschecking among multiple sources.

Check through the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

This is one of the oldest and most trustworthy brands for finding information about a company. It offers more than just insight into the company’s accounts, it shows you if the company is trustworthy, reviews from customers about the company and its rating.

The website is easy to access at BBB is styled as a local company information search, you need specific information to access the company.

Type the name of the company in the Name box just above the search bar on the page. Include the city, state, and zip code for more accurate search results. Read the BBB report about the company. Every information includes the company’s account is contained in that report.

Use Corporate Information

This is a comprehensive website that provides information about companies around the world. If you are looking at corporate information relating to investing, company research, and information, use Corporate Information to access a company’s account for free.

The database of the Corporate Information website has information on about thirty-eight thousand companies (big ones) spread over seventy-five countries. You can also find information like the names of directors, news about the company, and reports.

Reporting Accounts

Another UK based company search website, it offers a free company account search. It provides a key financial report of the company you are searching for. It is an instant service and takes little time to load. It is a brilliant option but unfortunately provides results for only UK companies.

Checking a company’s account online for free is possible using any of the options provided. If you cannot find a company’s account with any of these options, it means the company does not publicize its financial records to the public.

If you have any questions, please ask below!