How Pests Can Affect a Business

When your house is plagued with pests, it’s a difficult problem to solve. There are some creatures that you can easily get rid of, but some are more aggressive, more pervasive, and more stubborn. They won’t readily surrender, and you have to plan your defensive moves carefully in order to eradicate them from your property. If pests at home will give you a headache, what do you think a business owner will feel once he finds out that his precious restaurant, farm or shop is riddled with pesky critters? Pests are extremely detrimental to business, and below is a discussion regarding the disastrous impacts of pest presence in business establishments.


1. Negative Publicity

Nothing can kill a business more quickly than negative publicity. Let’s say Joe has a restaurant. Unfortunately, one of his clients did not have a good experience while eating his breakfast there. Maybe the customer found a bug or a fly in his soup. Whatever it is, he’ll surely tweet, blog, or chat about it. Maybe he’ll also write a short article about what happened, and before Joe can do anything, the breakfast debacle is the hottest topic not only in his town, but maybe in some other states or countries too, like China or Dubai. That’s the power of modern technology. Information dissemination is so fast today that a person’s bad restaurant experience can become a hot trending topic in just a few hours. The sad thing here is that Joe will have to do some drastic damage control. But that is a huge challenge because the unsatisfied client’s rants online will be hard to erase, and Joe’s business will likely suffer.

2. Damage to Property

Lots of pests can cause property damage that’s expensive to repair. Rats and mice, for instance, are pests that chew through walls and even plastic drainage pipes. They could also gnaw on wires and cables aside from eating stored food. The presence of wild animals is also a problem in many areas. To illustrate, some restaurant owners have trouble keeping raccoons and skunks at bay because these wild animals are drawn to human litter. But one of the most damaging creatures around is a tiny but incredibly terrible pest that many home and business owners fear; and that is-the termite. Why? Though they are very small, they can consume an entire structure from the inside out. They eat anything with cellulose, and that means log homes or other structures that have parts made of timber are at risk. Even concrete buildings can become infested with termites when the bugs infest wood furniture and accessories.

3. Production Shortage

In agriculture, anything that reduces yield is considered as a pest. Whether a pest is a small worm or a large rodent, these creatures can bring down a business if they contaminate or consume crops. Apart from rodents and other common household pests, wild animals, such as deer, are also culprits that contribute to crop loss. If loss of crops is extensive, the business owner suffers financially. Crop loss might even bankrupt him, and this is why farmers and large agricultural corporations employ strict pest control methods to protect agricultural products from different kinds of creatures.

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