Health and Safety Issues in the Workplace

There’s no question more important to business owners and managers than having a healthy and safe workplace. This is the only way to attract employees and to have a productive company overall. It’s also the best way to stay clear of lawsuits that might come up if there’s an accident during the work hours.

It’s imperative for the management to examine the business in terms of safety and to make accommodations based on this analysis. Employees should be directly involved in this process since they know how it actually feels to work in the trenches.

Maintaining machinery

Those working with heavy machinery are probably most in danger at work. There need be systems put in place that will make sure that this machinery is well-maintained and used in a proper manner. It’s important to designate a person that will keep track of safety protocol and be responsible in case someone doesn’t follow the instructions.

Machinery also has to be maintained regularly. Of course, the maintenance schedule shouldn’t slow down work itself.


The reports that follow work-related accidents usually show that an accident could have been prevented if there was sufficient training available. These training sessions help new employees prepare in case something unforeseen happens and experienced employees as well can use the routine because that’s what keeps them focused when accidents occur.

It’s true that training costs both time and money and that this can be a burden for a small company. However, having a prepared and well-organized crew in your facilities can also save you a lot of money in damages and sometimes even in human lives, and there’s nothing more important that. Additionally having a training system in place shows that you’re a serious company that takes care of its employees.


Ordinary offices are obviously much less dangerous than construction sites and warehouses, but they come with their set of problems too. For instance, working behind a desk all day can cause ergonomic issues for your employees and these may lead to other health problems.

This can be rather unpleasant and have a negative effect on the productivity around the office. However, it’s easily fixable, by investing the right furniture and organizing working hours in a way that leaves enough time for breaks and physical fitness.

Extension cords

Electricity issues usually arise because you’re using more devices at the same time than your infrastructure can support. Extension cords play a big role in this for two reasons. First of all, they allow you to use more devices than you otherwise would, and second of all the cords themselves are something you can trip on or damage if they are just lying around.

One of the ways to go is to make sure that if the device is used at all times it has its own outlet. For instance, if you’re using a fan you can plug it in the extension cord while you’re using it, while monitors and printers should have their own electric outlet to be plugged into.

Fires and natural disasters

Natural disasters are probably the most damaging events that could strike your company or your city. They can sometimes destroy your company entirely and you need to be prepared for such events in order to mitigate their effects.

There should be clear written instructions that employees can follow and deal with the situation. The instruction should cover employee safety first and foremost, but they should also help protect your assets and important data can be found in the office and damage during the natural disaster.

Psychological issues

In the end, not all problems that happen at work are about getting hurt. Sometimes, psychological issues are much harder to deal with than physical ones. For instance, a lot of intense work can cause stress problems and they, in turn, can create physical symptoms.

Also, if the office environment is unhealthy and filled with conflicts, the employees might leave the company altogether or it can show in their productivity and enthusiasm. These problems can be prevented by creating an environment in which every employee feels comfortable and has a channel through which they express their concerns. A good HR department means a lot in this regard and it should always find ways to improve your company and the relations within it.

A company needs to take care of its workers, with special attention given to health and safety issues. The systems should be put in place in order to handle these in an organized way.

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