Groupon Project Management Training Deal

Project Management Certification Groupon Deal is offering a career development option where interested candidates can acquire a training bundle of project management certification for as little as $99. This is 10 percent of the real value since the normal price for the certification is $995. Candidates get a fully sponsored one year online access with instructor led classrooms, packed with full audio and video lectures. The coursework is transmitted on friendly content files including printable materials.


The Groupon deal is a complete package of learning experience with 14 well-managed courses and 51 hours of full video training. All the sessions are properly spaced to give a reasonable understanding space. Doing the course qualifies candidates for 35 contact hours to apply and do PMP and CAPM exams. Those who hold PMP and CAPM credentials can earn up to 126 PDUs. The practicality of the course in enhanced by providing review quizzes and self-assessment modules for learners to gauge their understanding before taking exams. Online lecturers mark and deliver results for assessment tests within stipulated deadlines. There are also final exam reviews that are included with the select courses. Upon completion of the course, all learners get a certificate of completion displaying their full name, the completed course and date of completion; that can be used anywhere around the world.

The Career Academy Learning Platform is fully developed to give learners the ability to train whatever they want at any time. The delivery schedule stimulates one-on-one study desk environment that gives students a personalised experience. In order to take care of the diverse needs of different learners, the platform is available on iOS mobile and other smartphone platforms. The learning program is also flexible and adjustable, to give candidates a chance to choose their preferred study hours. The course features a number of PowerPoint slides for illustrating concepts and complimenting instructors. Impressive demonstrations in the training allow students to view the practical application of different concepts in the real world.

The career academy learning platform is specially crafted to meet individual student’s needs. The student training window enables registered members to view all their courses as well as their personalized information on the same page. After each individual training module, the progress is tracked and displayed on the training window, including the quiz scores and personal assessments tackled. All that the student needs to do is to click “launch course” and begin to track his/her progress. The learning platform also provides a table of content navigation with easy to use controls to enable learners to quickly jump to any part in the course. Students are allowed full control of their training pace.

The collaboration between the career academy and the Groupon national team has greatly promoted online on-demand training among Groupon fans. The year 2014 has seen the launch of many learning deals covering topics such as Cisco Networking Training, CompTIA certifications, Microsoft MCSE, VMware and the best project management solutions. The project management training groupon deal is part of the academy’s efforts to help people achieve professional skills on home based platforms.

The learning window includes multiple controls such as volume adjustment, video display and multi-media controls. The student can enlarge the screen viewing by just clicking the “Large” button near the video controls. Upon completing a topic built-in review quiz allows students to assess their progress to identify areas where they might require additional study. Printable student workbooks are available for every chapter, giving an ideal option for building practice.

The career academy holds a trail record of training business professionals and preparing them for realistic experiences on different environments. Through self-guided video curriculums, people can achieve their academic dreams while sticking to their tight schedules. It minimizes a wide range of expenses that rotate around academic work by employing a strategy that only involves academic work. With a number of expert instructors, the academy has created professionals in programs such as project management, information technology and office productivity. It seeks to provide practical skills including offering information security strategies that apply on modern risky platforms.

Having registered tens of thousands of students, the academy is keen on improving the learning experience in order to grant a more personalised experience. According to the latest survey and career academy groupon reviews, over 80 percent of groupon users will recommend the training program to their friends and colleagues. Career Academy Groupon Reviews lists down sample reviews and feedback from different users, some of whom share their personal experience on the academy’s training bundles. Most students end up tackling several courses after their first experience on the platform.

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