Event Planning Considerations for a Hassle Free Event Execution

eventMarketers are continuously expanding efforts on capturing the top of the mind space of the target groups. Corporations these days leave no stone unturned to adapt to the new cost effective marketing practices in vogue. Below The Line Promotion is one of the best mediums to promote a brand and cut through the competition maps!

One of the most trusted BTL promotional tools is participating in the Event and Exhibition. Planning for an event or exhibition can be a cumbersome task however. Event Planning is a phased approach. The entire event is fragmented into three steps Pre-Event Launch and Preparation, Event Execution and Post Event Follow Ups.

The pre-event stage allows you to decide whether you want to outsource the entire event to an agency that plays the game for you or you wish to do it in house and get your best men at work. Depending upon the strategy, plan the road map ahead. Once you are through with this stage, you come to a stage where you prepare for an event and its effective execution.

Here, the article will walk you through the top 5 events or exhibition planning considerations:

  1. Building up a strategy: Strategize on the factors like resources and cost estimations, cost effectiveness, media planning and buying, event management team etc.
  2. Sound and effects used within an event: Ensure that the quality of sound and effects used within an event is really immaculate. Try using professional conference sets for a better audio effect if it's a closed event.
  3. Brand your Event: Event branding is hot on the promotional tables. Branding event through signages, unique guerrilla marketing techniques, road-shows or transit advertisement is common affair these days. Try doing some of these and you will attract better footfalls on your event or exhibition.
  4. Unambigious Exhibition Display Stands will win! Exhibition display stands are one of the key elements of an event branding activity. Use high quality exhibition graphics in an exhibition stand and provide with information that makes visitors curious about your modus operandi.
  5. Team Management - Bind them together! The pivotal key consideration is to form a right team and then divide them in to several small groups allocating work differently to each of those groups like collecting visiting cards, briefing the products, welcoming the guests etc will lead to a hassle free execution of an event or exhibition.


Following these key considerations will allow you to execute your exhibition or event in a world-class fashion without meeting even small encumbrances. A small tip winding up, do not forget to follow up with your leads on the store. Post follow ups are the ROI of your entire exercise.

If you have any questions, please ask below!