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Why Conversational AI is the Future of Online Customer Support?

Not all e-commerce stores may be the replicas of Amazon (selling everything under the sun), but if you operate a B2C e-commerce store, you must have faced a great deal of pressure and a lot of challenges while offering customer support.

There is a customer on the line with a damaged parcel or misplaced one. By the time your executive runs the software and answers the query, the waiting time will exceed your customer’s patience level.

As per Gartner’s report, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020. So, the solution lies in minimizing human intervention.

E-commerce stores with the top of game customer support have received love and repeat business from their customer base. This blog will walk you through the new age solution for bringing your A-game in customer support.

Conversational AI: The New Age Solution for Cost-Effective Online Customer Support

Conversational AI powers human interactions with machines in a seamless way. This technology offers a multilingual speech recognition feature, making it the most preferred online customer support solution. It can understand the customer’s query and respond in a way as if one is interacting with a human executive.

Now, the best feature with conversational AI technology is Agility.

It evolves rapidly, and all that you need to do is program it once. How cost-effective is that!

How Does Conversational AI Work in Customer Support?

A pool of technologies works simultaneously to paddle the wheel of conversational AI. The process starts as soon as the customer interacts with the AI solution. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) identifies intents in the sentence and extracts information from the utterance to carry out a logical, natural conversation and trigger the accurate and appropriate tasks module accordingly. The software is designed to understand the meaning of the query and its intent, right down to grammatical errors and contextual meaning derived from the previous searches.

After breaking down the query and analyzing it in the derived context, the software uses Machine Learning to determine the most appropriate response. Machine Learning helps the software to learn and evolve with each interaction and build a contextual understanding to improve responses every time.

How will Conversational AI Improve Customer Service?

There are sizeable benefits of deploying a conversational AI solution to improvise your customer service; time and cost-saving are on top of the list. Here are some features that might help you in evaluating a conversational AI solution.

  1. Proactive Assistance

Conversational AI can deliver a better level of responsiveness than humans. With ML-powered features, these virtual assistants predict the customer’s requirements by analyzing the pattern of past search queries.

This feature helps the AI solution determine the customer persona and present customized offerings that match their current needs.

  1. One-time Training Costs

If you already have customer support staff, you know that hiring and training staff can cost a lot. With conversational AI, these costs can be eliminated as you only need to train it once.

All you need to do is reconfigure the software to adapt to the new changes. This software is highly agile and adaptive, which makes it a cost-effective and time-saving alternative.

  1. Zero Waiting Time

If you are an international brand, you need to think beyond time zones. Allow us to warn you about the money outflow for hiring a staff that functions 24*7 in shifts.

As expensive as it sounds, all kinds of other expenses come with additional staff—more workspace, more supplies, and so on.

For better customer satisfaction, you can go for an AI solution that can function 24 hours a day without any human intervention. Also, quick customer service improves the brand’s reputation and influences customer satisfaction and churn.

  1. Scalability, Multilingual, and Omnichannel

With these features, you can ensure that your brand reach is maximum and customer satisfaction is high. Allowing your customer to reach you through any convenient channel and any preferred language will shoot your customer ratings.

AI solution allows you to scale even with limited resources. You can release interactive FAQs as soon as you launch a new product or service. It will help your customers to interact and find solutions quickly.

Welcome to the world of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and a customized conversational AI for you

The underlying concept is ‘anytime, all the time customer support’ without even clicking a button. It will require you to have a customized conversational AI solution for your business with an interactive information repository. If you are looking at minimizing costs for this activity, now is the time to invest in conversational AI. We are witnessing the beginning of a mental shift of customers from manual searching for answers to asking a speech-based virtual assistant to do the job. Make your way in!


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    Great article, thank you for sharing!
    For example, in the form of a chatbot or virtual assistant, conversational AI eliminates the need for customers to navigate a voluminous website, since they can communicate their needs using text messages.

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