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Why Being Personable With Clients Will Lead To Higher Revenues

personalable-meetingBeing personable with clients can really get great things happen. Business owners that get personable with clients by creating tailored customer experience both offline and online have experienced an increase in sales and become brand leaders in their niche.

According to statistics by the e-tailing group and MyBuys, over 40% of clients buy more products and services from business owners that are personable across all channels. The research study also indicates that a further 41% of clients buy more from business owners that utilize email tracking. Also, 39% of clients buy more from merchants that personalize web recommendations. The following reasons are manifest evidence that being personable with clients will lead to higher revenues:

  1. Humans Love Attention

It’s natural that humans crave recognition and get attracted to care and familiarity. A business that personalizes their customer buying experiences by expressing an interest in their personal lives and treating them as friends end up with a large customer base. However, businesses today don’t directly interact with clients to know them better, but flourish on their data. They leverage details like age groups, time zones, geographic locations, payment methods and utilize these details to customize marketing campaigns for these very clients.

  1. Customer’s Desire for Control and Rescue from Information Overload

The clients feel more in control if they know that a suggestion, product or an email is dedicated to them; and that they are not just receiving what others are. A personalized suggestion makes the product look relevant to the clients and make them believe that what they are experiencing is exactly what they need and saving themselves from tons of information available online. Being personable with clients will help them maneuver through the crowded and noisy world of marketing in a guided, relevant and ultimately rewarding way.

  1. More Customer Engagement

Personal interactions with clients makes conversions easier, for instance, the Amazon’s One Click Purchase model. Personalization provides smooth payment checkout by only memorizing a few details about the client. Clients like the hassle-free checkout and a few minutes they just saved afford you more customer engagement.

  1. It Makes You More Money

Business owners or e-commerce marketers that implement personalized marketing witness profound return on investment, by promoting products and offers which are relevant and meaningful to their clients. According to research by Econsultancy, businesses that utilize personalization techniques are experiencing a net uplift of 19% in sales. Additionally, 59% of marketers indicated that their personalization strategies are yielding handsome returns on their investments.

With Personalization, enterprises are in a good position to automate manual aspects of their merchandising techniques, hence, freeing up quality time that marketing teams can use to build up potent customer relations that result to long-term loyalty; enhancing client’s lifetime value. All of this leads to higher sales and hence bigger revenues.

  1. Your Competitors are Doing It

According to a report by Econsultancy, 94% of businesses concur that being personable with clients is critical to the current and future success of the business. With that said, there is a greater probability that your competitors are already implementing this strategy. It is, therefore, imperative that you keep with the speed and read from the same hymn book than risk the wrath of dissatisfied clients moving to the competitors where the experience is a lot more personalized, more enjoyable and above all relevant.

Business owners or marketers should always strive to do more on a shoestring budget, overcoming IT and technology barriers to forge ahead. With the desire to separate their business provisions through immaculate service, enhancing client experience should be on top of to do list. Those marketers or business owners that don’t embrace personalization should not opt for lower-impact techniques that would not help them drive up sales. As an alternative, they need to a true personalization technique that matches current and future needs to make sure their customers are delighted and keep buying from the site.


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