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Why Acquiring a Order Taking Service is a Fruitful Approach for your Business?

order TakigIn this evolving competition, gaining profitability, and streamlining business operations are the most important aspects for any business to grow. Taking right decisions at the right time will lead your business towards success path. Herein, considering the option of outsourcing your order taking process proves to be a fruitful solution for your business.

With the burgeoning growth of industries in every sphere, customer expectations are up surging and fulfilling their requirement is the top most priority to gain competitive advantage. Likewise, telemarketing, lead generation and market research activities, order processing is one of the important business tools that not only improves sales performance, but also helps in enhancing your brand credibility. Today, several call centres provide order taking service in their catalogue of inbound call centre solutions. This service can be tailored according to the requirement of businesses. In fact, it is an important solution for different kinds of small and medium size of business such as:

  • Ecommerce ventures
  • Insurance companies
  • Delivery restaurants
  • Flower and gift shops
  • Package suppliers

In this service, experienced agents handle customer requests and provide them appropriate solution so that they can make the order successfully. Let’s have a quick look on the following features of order taking services.

Expertise staffs: Order taking call centre have expertise staffs that are proficient in customer communication and order taking process. These are highly trained in taking orders and verifying information provided by the customer. With the help of this service, you can be sure that your order taking function runs smoothly. In addition to this, the agents are well-versed in performing this order taking task meticulously without missing a single call.

Reduced costs: Keeping and managing the order taking process in-house can be an expensive proposition for your business. It is because you have to establish a separate call centre, recruit agents and arranging wages for them. Also, you have to manage the hardware and software required to operate a call centre. So, this is why setting up an on-premise infrastructure to regulate order taking service is a big investment for your business that shake up your company’s budget. This can be reduced by obtaining call centre services for your business. Contacting out the task of order taking saves your money which you can further spend in new technology.

Save a lot of time: Be it a startup venture or medium level enterprise, every moment is precious to push your business on the right track of productivity. So, allocating order taking task to your critical resources can hamper your business profitability. This in turn, hamper the core task of your critical resources and your business will suffer. Outsourcing order taking service will help you in streamlining your business operations. It saves your lot of time, which not only improve your business profitability but will also increase your sales performance.

Customer retention: Customer retention is the top most aspect for a company to achieve pinnacle of success. Skilled order taking staffs talk customers in a very friendly manner while placing the order. These agents listen to the customer carefully and handle the process of order taking very efficiently. Live agents working in the call centre will handle customer requests and respond to them quickly. Customer retention is very important for your business as it saves the heavy marketing costs which businesses usually invest in adding new customers to the database.

Update customer databases regularly: Companies offering order taking services are work on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software which is installed on their systems. This ensures that each time agents attend calls in order to process order is updated in the database. Furthermore, this database is utilized by other departments of the company such as finance, customer support, billing, etc. Updated data is also valuable in analyzing the purchasing habits of customers. Subsequently, it is helpful in improving customer service level.

Resolve customer doubts promptly: It is quite true that several orders are missed by a company due to the improper order taking and handling of customers. As a result, your business will suffer and eventually decreased. An order taking call centre service helps your company in performing this additional task and clear the doubts/ concerns of customers over the phone. This will build customer loyalty towards your brand.

In essence, if you want to accelerate your sales performance, then acquiring order taking service is the most prudent choice.


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