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Why a Toll Free Number is Needed for any Business that Wants to Grow

toll freeToll free numbers have proven their worth in field of business most specifically in customer service and marketing. These numbers have become popular because of their ability to provide easy contact to businesses for free. It is also reinforced by the influx of high-tech communication tools such as smart and cell phones.

According to Time Magazine, a greater number of people around the world have access to a mobile phone than they do to a toilet. This is not a joke. The human population in the world is estimated to be seven billion, and six billion have at least one mobile phone. Sadly, only 4.5 billion or 64.2 percent of us have access to basic sanitation while about 85.7 percent of the entire human race today have access to cellullar communication. This is how modern communication technology has influenced the world.


The Rise of Toll Free Numbers

Up to this very day, the mounting popularity of toll free numbers continues. This is especially because one of the two types of toll free numbers has the capability to spell out phrases that identify a company and its business. These are called vanity or phoneword numbers. Vanity numbers are special but more expensive. The other type, which is cheaper and easily available, is called “numeric” number.

In Australia, the most popular toll free number in use is 1800 number. In fact, its demand among business is constantly increasing because of the following factors:

    1. According to experts, 84 percent of Internet users use the the Internet to search for products and eventually make a purchase. The presence of an 1800 number of a business website greatly enhances the probability of consumers to buy from a website. Advertisements of businesses that feature 1800 numbers account for the 30 percent increase in product inquiries.

  1. Another study performed by Bellcore finds that even newspaper ads that include a toll free number receives six times more calls than those that only mention regular numbers in their ads.

Results of these studies are solid proofs of the capability of toll free numbers to boost business. Even fund-raising organizations that feature toll free numbers in their print ads, emails and commercials claim that the responses they get for their campaigns increased by 25 percent.

How to Obtain 1800 Numbers

Like most toll free numbers, 1800 numbers are for sale or lease.

An 1800 “numeric” number is easy to install and activate. You need to find a provider, such, then fill out an application form, and send it through for approval. It only takes up to one working day for an applicant to obtain an active 1800 numeric number.’

If you want to use a vanity 1800 number for your business, you need to inquire for the availability of a phoneword that fits your type of business. You can obtain a vanity number through public auction or by buying them from phoneword providers.

Have an 1800 number set up for your business and your enterprise will be able to avail of certain benefits that include:

    1. The ability of customers to call or transact business with you from any land line number in Australia-for free.

    1. Guaranteed growth of your market base.

    1. Guaranteed professional look of your business.

  1. The ability to retain the same number even if you move your business to a new location.

Some facts here may have been stated by other people who have knowledge of the benefits and attributes of 1800 numbers. They are but proofs that these numbers are indeed effective in helping to make businesses reach new heights and accomplish more. Getting a 1800 numbers free from initial costs may not be easy. But some providers offer a free trial period of as long as 30 days.

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