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How Your Business Can Utilize Video For Better Customer Service

customer-service-representativesVideo is an essential tool for every business today. No matter how big or small your company may be, video streaming enables you to connect with consumers in a more direct, engaging, and convenient way than ever before.

Recent studies reveal that 59 percent of business executives would prefer to view a video than read a block of text, and four times as many consumers are more interested in learning about a specific product by watching a video than reading the same information in text form.

So, how can your company use video to boost your online visibility and engage customers?

Create a Portfolio of How-To Videos

Showing your customers how to get the most out of your products is a terrific way to engage them without overselling your brand.

A how-to video is primarily about education, not sales. If you produce a three-minute guide to using your latest phone or blender, for example, people will get to know your brand and your products without feeling as if they’re being sold to. They also demonstrate your company’s level of expertise and reliability, while also proving your products work as they should.

Outside of your own website, you can upload these to YouTube and other video platforms to increase your reach. Anyone searching for information on setting up a particular product, whether it’s yours or similar, may well discover your brand through these videos.

Offer Customers a Live Video Chat Service

Anyone who has had to wait on hold will know how frustrating telephone support can be, especially when you’re passed from one agent to another and have no idea who you’re speaking to. With live video chat, your support agents will host face-to-face conversations with your customers, for a more personal quality of service.

This allows your agents to read customers’ body language, which will help them handle disgruntled callers in the most appropriate way. As visual aids can also be used, customers are free to demonstrate an issue with a product rather than struggling to describe it.

Video chat services like can boost the quality of your live chat, enabling you to add a simple press-to-call button to your website or app. By pushing this, your customers will be connected to a support agent with full HD video and audio.

Produce FAQ Videos

FAQ sections are vital to commercial websites. They provide customers with the information they need in one space, preventing them having to leave your website at the purchase-ready stage to find answers elsewhere.

FAQ sections are usually text-based, which can be cumbersome, especially on mobile devices. Instead, build a library of videos providing the answers to customers’ common questions, hosted by one or more members of your team. Keep them brief, informal, and dynamic. Consider adding music, relevant facts in text form, or animations, to make them more visually-appealing.

These can also be shared on social media, if consumers send questions via Facebook and Twitter etc, saving your team from recycling responses. They may also send the link to friends or other followers, helping to spread awareness of your brand.

Film Customer Review Testimonials

Today, consumers have more power than ever, thanks to the internet. Social media has given everyone a voice, allowing buyers the freedom to share bad customer-service experiences. Their circle of contacts may share this on, increasing the negative impact of even wider.

Online review sites also allow consumers to vent their frustrations and warn others to avoid a specific company.

However, consumers are also quick to share positive experiences and satisfaction with products. Many commercial websites feature customer testimonials – but how do we know these are genuine?

By recording customer testimonial videos, you give your visitors less reason to doubt your feedback’s authenticity, and can see people just like them recommending your services. Don’t hire actors to record these, either – you’ll make consumers question why you had to use performers instead of genuine clients.

Host Webinars with Your In-House Experts

Hosting webinars is a fantastic way to show your company’s human side, introduce your team, and get customers involved at the same time.

Set up live or recorded webinars on a variety of topics, such as your latest products’ performance or upcoming developments. Invite your customers to get in touch during live webinars, or ahead of recorded ones, with their questions.

You’ll be able to speak to them directly, sharing your in-house experts’ knowledge in an informal setting. If you name people asking specific questions, you’ll make them feel even more engaged. You may even like to show a snap of the post (whether as a tweet, a Facebook comment, email etc.).

You can even invite executives from your company or experienced professionals from your industry to take part in webinars, offering a deeper insight into your brand.

Video has the power to make your customers feel more valued, more engaged, and more connected to your business. Whether you replace your text-based live chat with video calls, host webinars, or incorporate all five of the above methods, your customers will notice the difference. You will also stand out from your less tech-savvy competitors, and appeal to consumers looking for a better quality of service.
Have you considered how important video may be to your business?

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