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Easiest Way to Make Your Support Team More Productive

live support softwareIf your brand provides the market with real value, at some point, it will attract an army of interested customers. At that moment, a reliable and efficient support team will become a crucial asset in your business. A survey conducted in 2011 byAmerican Expressshowed that satisfied customers share their positive experience with support service with up to nine people.

To make your team more productive means to speed up the entire process without affecting the quality of communication. Accordingly, you should invest in smart work rather than put pressure on your employees.

One of the best investments that radically affects productivity is the introduction of a comprehensive and efficient chat software.

What Chat Software Features Instantly Increase Support Team Productivity?

Chat tools have become a great help in addressing the customers’ pain points promptly, in real time, and more efficiently compared to traditional call services. They are a great way of establishing fast internal communication, as well. So, it’s not surprising you’re determined to bring your support service to a higher level and invest in a chat support tool. But do you know what features are a must when it comes to the good software of this kind?

Read on and find out!

#1 Proactive

In other words, if you use a tool that is limited only to answering customers’ question, it will take you nowhere. Your support team should be prepared for the possible conversation with clients. To provide this, they should be able track the visitors as they navigate through the website.

Hence, proactivity in this sense refers to four main activities you should be able to perform using a specific chat support tool:

  • To monitor the visitor’s behavior
  • To get the insight into their messages even before they are sent
  • To generate automated messages (such as typical replies) to facilitate the communication
  • To allow the visitors write to you even when the operators are offline

Sometimes, the website visitors simply get stuck on a certain page and do not know what to do next. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on them all the time and help them even if they do not explicitly ask you. However, you should be careful when being proactive – there is a thin line between being friendly and annoying.

#2 Easy Internal Communication

In cases when the members of support team receive the questions that they cannot answer, ignoring customers or leaving them on hold is the worst thing that they can do. In addition, if your chat software does not feature an easy way to get in touch with other staff members in your organization, the process of replying will last longer than expected.

On the other hand, if your chat support service gives you the possibility of internal communication, the problem can be solved practically in less than a minute. In fact, statistics showed that the majority of customers’ problems communicated through an efficient chat support system are solved in 42 seconds.

#3 Statistics Provider

Once you decide to invest in a software of this kind, make sure to choose the one that lets you check the relevant statistics. Getting in touch with customers is the most important function of chat support software. However, a high-quality software should provide you with some more complex options, as well.

Some of the things you should pay attention to when choosing the right software are the possibilities of:

  • Tracking the hourly chat statistics and
  • Having insight in chat rating reports and analyzing them

#4 Simple Integration

No matter how powerful a chat support tool is itself, if it does not come with possibilities of simple integration with other useful tools, the chances are that you should skip it. Good chat software should be easy to use and combine with other software that you may need, such as:

  • Salesforce, which is used to store the customer data and keep them safe,
  • Google Analytics, which is convenient for keeping track of reports.

When choosing the right software, make sure to get the one that allows you to create customized chat codes, optimize marketing campaigns, and manage different teams, groups, and departments. Remember – the less flexible your software is, the lower are the chances for increasing productivity.

The most efficient chat tools are the ones that can be used on different devices because they can be promptly accessed in case of emergency.

Are You Ready to Create a More Productive Support Team Now?

Now that we have gone through some of the greatest features that come with good chat software, there is no reason for you not to embrace the charms of higher productivity.

While thinking about everything your business may need, we have developed a comprehensive live chat support tool. The insight of customer activity on your website simplified internal communication, detailed statistics and flexibility are only some of the advantages that live chat software offers. Don’t wait any longer – make your employees more efficient and keep your business in the high-profit zone!

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