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CUSTOMER MATCH: Google In The Mail Merge Race


Google joined Facebook in the race for email targeting. The company has actually created a tool called “Customer” match, but a tool that is not so new that it finally …

Introducing Customer Match at Advertising Week

During Advertising Week, held in New York in September 2015, Google introduced a customer targeting tool especially for advertisers. Customer Match as it is called can target an audience the following email address list that advertisers have. Using this feature, customers will be more sensitive to the brand through content that is offered. Customer Match is very distinct profiles with ads focused on the activity, location and the type of device used by the target. In other words, the content fits entirely in the target profile.

The operation of Customer Match

To target specific users, you must first ensure that they are connected to their Google Account before of course to have regained their email addresses. It is possible to get through a registration for a loyalty program or a purchase on a merchant website for example. As part of the e-mail address list, Google reviews all profiles with the same interests and characteristics that public audience likely to be captivated by the brand grows.

Google is trying to oust the abuses by creating a tool that ensures that advertisers only use the addresses provided by members and purchased on a third party. The US agency states that individual email addresses remain anonymous via Customer Match. Businesses do not will be able to set custom profiles of users.

Launch his campaign and reach its audience through Google

Customer Match is a product designed to help you achieve your biggest customers on Google Search, YouTube and Gmail. It allows you to load a list of email addresses may correspond to connected users on Google in a secure and confidential manner. From there you can start your advertising campaigns specifically developed to reach your audience.

“Users can control the ads they see, even if these are ads Customer Match, deselecting targeted ads or muting or blocking ads from individual advertisers from Google Ads Settings” has said Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President of Service Advertising and Commerce at Google.

An example of a travel brand

Through Customer Match, it is possible to reach the people who participated in a rewards program while they plan their next travel destination. For example, the query “non-stop flight to New York” allows the brand to display an advertisement above the search results and which may be displayed on any type of device at the time of the search. In parallel, it is possible to publish messages to encourage users to plan their trip when they log on Gmail or YouTube.


A tool not so new that looks …

Although this tool is more or less new, Facebook still already presented during the Dreamforce Custom Audiences in September 2012, a tool that allows to target a specific set of targets. We must not deny the obvious: Customer Match is actually closer to Custom Audience, but also Tailored Audiences introduced 2 years ago by Twitter.

And this new result is another, Similar hearings. This improves the performance of Adwords campaigns in addition to expanding a targeted audience on Gmail, and YouTube. How? Touching profiles similar to those of your audience via a list of email addresses. And Facebook has just introduced a similar feature to further expand the audience with Lookalike Audiences.

You’ll understand the evolution of latest technology continues to amaze. So according to you, what could yet be the latest in the race for email tomorrow? Stay tuned for more latest technology news which may amaze you.


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