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Could CRM Software Sell Domains Faster?

Over the course of all domainers' careers, a myriad of online tools could help you sell domains much faster than word of mouth, although many of them are hard to navigate. These can include management aids, time tracking, document management, address books, or even call forwarding and hunt groups from a PBX phone system. The trouble, of course, is that these tools don't often come free, and the ones that do come free are packaged as ‘free' for a reason.

A good place to start looking when seeking an intuitive means to sell your domain portfolios is places peddling single tools which do everything you need, and are flexible enough to work with your domain sales business, which is where CRM software comes in.crm

What CRM Exactly Does For Domainers

CRM software, or customer relationship management software, is an intuitive program which predominantly works by keeping all client information centralized. The immediate benefits of this, of course, are having a single database that a whole business accesses helps to stop the development of silos. It also makes it easier to keep domain portfolios, and potential buyer contacts, up to date; anybody doing anything on the account can view current progress and update it as they go.

This is a particular advantage for managing many accounts or having several people managing one, which are both common occurrences when people sell domains through several mediums.

CRM's Increase Domainer Brevity

The other less obvious benefit can be the image of a company who uses CRM platforms effectively. CRM software provides a strong backbone to a company by supporting all areas including management, sales, day to day operations and business processes. This allows you to keep on top of your client work and deliver it on schedule and professionally, which can really help build up a strong client base. That client base, of course, could be one to potentially take numerous domain names off your hands if faithfully keeping contact with them.

CRM systems, as a rule, generally aren't inexpensive in nature. When running your own system, however, you need to think about servers, space for the servers, maintenance and the initial cost of licenses and servers as well. A great way around this for those who need more amplified resources to sell domains is to have CRM systems run as cloud based service instead. Essentially, you pay a monthly fee to another company providing CRM as a service. From there, they take care of the servers, updates and maintenance while you avoid all the upfront costs.

Also, CRM’s assist with making sound investment decisions. These days, with the fixed rate interest on high street savings proving in most cases to be lower than the rate of inflation, people are looking to get a better return on their money that will beat inflation and mean that their money keeps its value or gains in value in real terms over time, rather than being worth less in real terms than what was deposited. In an article from Investor Today magazine earlier this month, a survey by AXA Self Investor identified what is referred to as the ‘four Cs' that characterize the appeal of DIY investing: control, convenience, cost and confidence.

Does your available domains fit into either of these C’s without a CRM?


So if you're a domain portfolio owner with large numbers of contacts on file, check out what a CRM system could do for you. Most offer free trials to help make sure you get a system that will work before actually committing you to purchase the software. After all, even the best system won't work unless you use it!

Talking to other domainers like yourself can help, too, since many systems are highly customizable to be able to adapt to all manners of marketing plans that help you sell domains today.

If you have any questions, please ask below!