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A Road Map toward World of Digitization

b2b call centerCall centers industry is rocketing its reach across the globe. Smart technology and digitization brings about a radical change in the telemarketing industry. Unlike old call centers, with the increase in the supply of services, the modern call centers offer wide range of extensive voice and non-voice processes.

Today, call centers support numerous support services including back-office services, sales, market research and campaigns for the both large and small business firms. The major reason for business enterprises and government agencies to outsource their call center services to a third party vendor is to stay focused on core competencies of their organization.

In the highly competitive world of competition, companies ought to consider alternatives that could help them in saving cost; potentially drive more revenue, and most importantly deliver better services to end-users. Establishing a multi channel contact center turns out to be an expensive proposition. It requires a major investment in accommodations, equipment and innovative technology apart from the cost, time and energy required for staff training and ongoing business operations. Outsourcing is a “must consider” for smart and strategic thinking companies.

A call center is a centralized facility that remains equipped with innovative equipment to handle large amounts of customer telephone calls for an organization. A call center handles volume of telephone calls and at the same time screen calls and forward it to domain proficient agent regarding products and services offered by businesses.

Telemarketers use telephone or email to promote clients’ products or services, take orders, solicit contributions or provide information on behalf of clients. Telemarketing companies facilitates huge work space for a large number of call agents, to administer telephone-based communications with customers.

Technology is penetrating our lives in various ways, shapes and forms. The channel of communication has grown with the advancing technology. Customers can easily get in touch with the help desk support service provider through a voice calls, video calls, chats, social media, self-service and much more among others.

Call centers are specially designed to meet the requirements of customer. Consumers can call support service provider anytime from anywhere to resolve their queries. By outsourcing your call center operations, you can travel extra mile in crafting appropriate solution for customers that will make a great difference in the world of business.

Glean through the latest tech trends that bring about a change in the call center landscape

Cloud migration: call centers have implemented cloud technology not only to find appropriate resolution from the issues but also to obtain new capabilities including proactive customer contact, customer chat, and enterprise feedback management. Businesses are using this innovative technology to improve customer support service so as to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Cloud-based call center software has transformed the way of conducting call centers customer service over the phone call. It provides lucrative and effective means of storing information, allow remote management, and quick deployment of services.

Social Media Revolution: Social media lies in the frontline of contact centers. Today most call center associates respond to customers through social media platforms for example e-mail, voice chat, and video calls among others. Customers too prefer social media platforms to be an important medium of contact. Twitter and Facebook are escalation channels that help in lowering inbound call volume. Social monitoring is also helping call centers measure the sentiment of their callers and providing real-time information about potential issues.

Automatic call-backs: Call-back technology helps in streamlining business opportunities. This tool ameliorates the quality of calls and eliminates the need to hold customer calls which was one of the biggest complaints in the call center industry. Contact center technologies empower agents with the right knowledge to resolve customer queries thereby delivering real-time guidance.

Technological prowess is one of the enthralling reasons why companies turn to profit-making callcenters for help. To increase the growth of the organization, businesses leverage on call center explicitly this in turn augments the ROI of the business firm.


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