Can Project Management Improve the Recruitment Processes?

A good recruitment process ensures that job descriptions meet business requirements, ensuring that candidates are assessed against the relevant criteria at every stage of the recruitment process. Not only does this ensure it is lawful, the candidate can be confident that it is in fact a legitimate job opportunity, for the process to be followed by all stakeholders. Project managers help ensure that the recruitment process is achieved in line with policy.

ITIL is the world’s leading approach to service management. The ITIL certification for experienced project managers helps business align their services to the requirements of their customers to benefit the organisation. It also supports industry change and minimises service disruption so you can continue with your day-to-day duties.


Refining your recruitment process can be treated like a project. First of all, there are a few management theories you’ll need to understand, starting with goals and time periods. Goals help a business develop and achieve its targets. Any project will have a goal and a guideline to follow so you know what you need to achieve by the end of that period of time. The recruitment process must start by understanding the role you need to fill and the type of candidate you are looking to hire. For example, if you need to fill a customer service role, the person you hire must be confidence and have great communication skills.

The product owner is accountable for ensuring the final outcome meets the stakeholder’s expectations and is able to input value to the business. The purpose of the recruitment process is to gain a new employee. Businesses should allocate a key stakeholder to structure the job requirements. The decided stakeholder should also have input in the final decision as they are more likely to have a closer relationship with them once they are hired. Unlike the project manager, the product owner is responsible for specifying the requirements of the candidate and identifying the long-term objective of the project. This can be achieved by prioritizing tasks and outlining what must be done throughout the process.

Groups of stakeholders must work as a team to achieve goals. Therefore, the hiring process should also be a team effort. You should decide which stakeholders are able access candidate information and those that are able to track applicants. All stakeholders must be able to identify the risks related to the success of project (recruitment process). When hiring a prospective employee, you want to look for a valuable candidate who will work for your business for a period of time – and not just to tie them over for now. Employee turnover poses a big risk to all businesses, with a big fee attached to it. It is important to make the right decision for your business, not just based on the likability of an interviewee.

Lastly, project management requires flexibility. Versatility allows time for altered planning and provides you as a project manager the opportunity to make progress and account for unexpected factors, such as your potential employee being offered a job with one of your competitors or receives better benefits elsewhere.

The good news is that the recruitment process doesn’t need to be longwinded and there are opportunities to make the project agile, unless you’re up against a specified timescale. Working as a team helps the process move at a pace suitable to your business environment, so you don’t need to worry about taking masses of time out to fill your vacancy. Investing time in structured planning and identifying the candidate you want to attract, helps you engage the people your business requires, based on the job description. A well-written job description allows potential candidates to understand the expectations and requirements of the role. Although a small percentage of unsuitable candidates still might apply, the majority will look elsewhere.

So, project management does better the recruitment process. Treating your recruitment process as a project is the best way to hire a candidate suitable for your business.

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