Business Relocation 101

Sooner or later, relocating your office becomes inevitable. The aim of every business project is maximizing profit while minimizing expenses, and that’s exactly how you should approach business relocation. In order to do it successfully, you need a detailed plan and the right kind of help. Let’s cover the basics!

Discuss business relocation with your employees

Have a meeting with your employees early on. Business relocation is something that concerns the whole team. Hence, all employees can and should have a say in it. Also, each of them should contribute to the move. Your team has to work like a well-oiled machine. Therefore, discuss the upcoming relocation, give assignments to each of your employees and be ready to answer their questions.

Inform your clients

Commercial relocation is obviously a big change your clients should know about.

  • Announce your business relocation on your company’s website or on social media websites.
  • Make new business cards to let people know when you will be working again.
  • Send emails to all your clients informing them about the move, if you have their email addresses.

Prepare to-do lists

It is very easy to overlook moving tasks during a hectic commercial move. Therefore, you should prepare detailed to-do lists and follow them every step of the way. Design a foolproof system that you and your employees can apply with ease. Make multiple lists, one for each stage of the business relocation process. You can create a list for each month, week or even day preceding the move. On some moving companies’ websites, such as, you can see what a standard moving checklist looks like.

Get rid of excess items

Business relocation is a perfect occasion to get rid of all those useless items that are taking up your precious space. By reducing your load, you’ll reduce your moving costs, too. In fact, you should arrange for commercial rubbish removal on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy working environment. Remember that there are many charitable organizations that accept used office equipment and furniture. Some of them will come to pick up your items to spare you the trouble.

Backup your data

As a businessperson, you should know very well why data backup is so important. Backing up important files is something everyone should do from time to time. When preparing for relocation, residential or commercial, this precautionary measure is absolutely necessary. The most common options are burning a few CDs, purchasing a backup drive, or using an online backup system.

Hire professional movers

A reliable moving company can work wonders for a successful business move. The pros are trained to transport your office furniture and equipment with maximum efficiency. However, they may not be available unless you book them early, and by early we mean weeks or even months in advance. All movers are particularly busy during the peak moving season. For example, it is harder to find commercial movers in your area during the summer months due to higher demand. On the other hand, many movers offer discounts for the off-peak season, plus, you won’t be bothered by the sweltering heat. Also, bear in mind that weekends are typically busier than weekdays.

The best time for your business relocation also depends on the specific nature of your business. Alt: A man’s hand holding a pen over a calendar pointing to the date of his business relocation.

Professionals don’t move everything

Moving companies are not authorized to move everything. Mainly for safety reasons, you will have to move certain items on your own. Since they aren’t typically large, such items should fit easily in the trunk of a car or the back of an SUV. So, moving them should not be too much trouble. Items that have to be moved separately include employees’ personal belongings, liquids, flammables, combustible containers, etc.

Choose a suitable insurance policy

Reputable movers are always licensed and insured. Since moving involves certain risks, insurance is necessary. So, in case your items suffer any damage during the commercial move, the movers will be held responsible. And with the right kind of insurance, you won’t suffer any financial loss. You will probably have a few insurance options to choose from, so do your research on time.

Packing for business relocation

Packing is one of the most delicate and time-consuming relocation tasks. You have the option of packing everything by yourself or having professionals do it. Also, you can choose between full and partial packing services. Bear in mind that DIY demands skill and knowledge. No, it’s not rocket science, but you still need to get familiar with proper packing techniques and materials. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of online tutorials on how to pack different items. Pay special attention to packing sensitive office equipment. Of course, your movers should be able to give you valuable advice on packing for business relocation. So, whatever packing option you choose, you can always count on them.

Prepare the new office space

Time is money. Therefore, your new premises have to be ready for business as soon as possible. Before you move in, give them a good scrub. In case the previous owners left something behind, hire junk removal professionals to take care of it before you start cleaning or hire a company to clean your office. This will give your premises a neat, professional look. You should do the same with your old office space – make sure you leave it in good condition.

If you have any questions, please ask below!