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Why Your Business Needs a Parking Lot Gate System

fwefwfwqwA parking lot gate system is a traffic system that includes a sensor, ticketing structure, and a gate or arm. These systems are located at the entrances and exits of parking lots and garages. When a driver attempts to enter a lot, he’s first required to retrieve a ticket. After he gets the ticket, the arm of the system allows him to enter. When he leaves, he’ll only be allowed to exit the barrier gate after he pays the ticket.

Gate systems increase revenue, improve traffic flow, and keep your parking areas secure.

Increase Revenue

Parking fees can increase your business’s revenue. By requiring the people that use your lot or garage to pay a reasonable parking fee, your parking area can pay for itself and may even turn a profit. If you’re worried about charging your employees for parking, you can invest in a card system. Your workers can simply swipe their cards to raise the gate’s arm so that they can enter and exit without having to pay to park at work.

Control Traffic Flow

A gate system greatly reduces the speeds at which vehicles travel in parking lots since they require cars and trucks to come to full stops before entering and exiting. Reducing vehicles’ speeds greatly reduces the risk of accidents.

Furthermore, gate systems are more than a gate or an arm. Most also come with warning signs, signals that tell drivers whether to stop or go, and signs directing people to the exit. Combined, these three items help with traffic flow because they tell people exactly where to go. This keeps cars moving and reduces the number of wrong turns people make.

Keep Parking Areas Safe and Secure

A gate system keeps your parking lot or garage secure. When drivers know that they can’t leave without paying a fee, they’re less likely to loiter in your lot. If people are willing to pay to park, they’re probably going to park and go straight to their destination. This isn’t always true of a free parking lot. In addition to a gate system, many lots are now using a license plate recognitionsystem to monitor activities.


Installing a parking gate system is a simple way to keep your lot clean, reduce accidents, control traffic flow, and increase revenue. They may appear to be complex, but they’re really not. You can have one installed in just a few days.

Installation should only affect traffic flow in and out of your lot minimally, if at all. Parking systems are a good investment that should quickly pay for themselves while keeping your lot secure and customers safe.


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