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What to Know when Booking Conference Venues

Conferences are an important part of business these days. They are a great opportunity to present to a vast amount of people, network on a professional level, and help with company branding and reputation. They are what many people will remember about your business - whether amongst internal employees or outside contacts and this is why it is vital that it all runs smoothly.

A conference hall or conference room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. It is commonly found at large hotels and convention centers though many other establishments, including even hospitals, have one. Sometimes other rooms are modified for large conferences such as arenas or concert halls. Aircraft have been fitted out with conference rooms. Conference rooms can be windowless for security purposes. An example of one such room is in the Pentagon, known as the Tank. Sometimes the term ‘conference hall’ is used synonymously with ‘conference center’ as, for example, in ‘Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall’.

A major aspect of your conference is the venue where you will hold it. It can make all of the difference in both the organisation and execution of your conference, so what are the major factors that you should be considering when you are thinking about your conference venue?

Location and Capacity

Probably the most important factor is to make sure that the venue is in a good location for all of your guests, and that it has the capacity to hold a many people as you care to invite. Depending on where your guests are coming from, and how they are going to be getting there, you might want to consider whether the venue is out of town or in a town centre, the parking arrangements and its proximity to public transport.


Another important factor is the availability of the venue. Is it available on the date that you require - or can you be more flexible with dates? Will the room be available for the whole day (or days) and will there be other events going on at the same time are other issues that you need to consider.


You should be bearing your company image in mind when choosing a venue. Make sure that it fits in with your company branding.


You need to check that your venue has the facilities that you need for your conference to run smoothly and professionally. Do they have a PR system, microphones, screens, TVS, a stage - even enough chairs and tables? Remember that if they don't you might have the extra cost (and hassle) of having to hire equipment. Do they have Wi-Fi access and other technical features that you and your guests may require?


You should check whether the venue can provide food and refreshments for you and your guests - what is it and how it is served, and of course how much it costs!

Branding and Decoration

Ask the venue if they are happy that you decorate or ‘brand' your area to make it fit in with your company image. Maybe you want to hang a banner or put up signs at the entrance or in the lift. This is an important point, regardless of the amount of branding or decoration that you want.

Once that you have got the basic details nailed down, you can then go on to plan a great conference event. Many venues offer different options packages, so it is good to have an idea about what you are after before you go and look for it.

By choosing the right venue, you have taken the first and probably the largest step to ensuring a great conference, perfectly serving the purpose that you wanted to achieve and setting you up for a wonderful event.

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