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Top 10 Vastu tips for better Business Growth in 2018

tg45g456g5How to boost the progress of your business in the Year 2018 with the help of the VASTU Principles.

As the year 2018 with year number 2, governed by Moon. From Vastu perspective, Moon represents North-West direction, Sun represents East, Guru and Ketu represents North East, Budh represents North, Venus represents South East.

Vastu Shastra conjoins the science, art, astronomy, and astrology; it can also be called as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu Shastra considers the reciprocation of different forces of nature including the five elements of nature which are earth, water, wind, fire and ether, and endeavors to sustain equilibrium as these elements guides and change the living styles of not only human beings but every living organism on planet earth.

  1. North-West is the direction which is governed by Vayu Dev or Moon; Moon represents number 2 and color correlated with Moon is White; North-West direction is suggested to be painted with white color.
  2. North is the direction commanded by Budh or Mercury; Mercury symbolizes number 5 and color correlated with Mercury is Green; the walls of the north side should be painted with Green color.
  3. North East is the direction represented by the Guru (or Jupiter) and Ketu; Guru represents number 3 and Ketu denotes number 7; color dedicated to Guru is yellow; hence North East zone walls of house or office should be painted with Yellow color for peace and success.
  4. East is the direction which is dedicated to Sun; Sun signifies number 1 and color associated with Sun is Orange. The walls /curtains located on East side should be of Orange / Red color.
  5. South- East is direction commanded by Angee Dev (Lord of Fire) or Venus; color connected with fire is Red whereas the colors associated with Venus are White and Blue; Venus denotes number 6. It is suggested that the walls of South East region of home or office should be painted with Orange or Red color.
  6. South is the direction ruled by Mangal or Mars; Mars symbolizes number 9 and color of Mars is Red. The Southern walls of the home or the office are recommended to be painted with the light color. Avoid red or black/ grey color as they can cause dissents among employees or people living in that area.
  7. South-West is direction ruled by Rahu; Rahu signifies number 4 and color correlated with Rahu is Blue; Southwest and Southern direction should be painted with blue color.
  8. West is the direction ruled by Shani or Saturn; Shani denotes number 8 and color correlated with Shani is Black/Grey. Western region walls of the office should be painted with Grey color.

Vastu Tips for Offices/Businesses to induce positive energy:

  1. The head of the business of the organization must seat facing east or north. The staff should operate facing the north or east directions.
  2. As per the Vastu system, it is highly recommended to allocate the southeast direction to the accounts department.
  3. The proper place to set the reception is the north-eastern direction of the office. The administrative segment should be positioned in the North or in the East region.
  4. The main entrance of the office or the factory should be in the East, North or North-East of the plot according to `Vastu Shastra`. All other doors and entries can be positioned in North-East, East, North or North-West direction.
  5. The security cabin or the guardroom should be in North-West of the Northern gate and in the South-East of Eastern gate.
  6. It is highly recommended to have open space in the North- East section. The land of the commercial place should be raised in South-West.
  7. According to Vastu Shastra, the main door or entrance of the office building should be facing either east or north direction. Avoid any obstacle close to or in front of the main entry.
  8. It is better if the Accounts department is in the north and east region and personnel dealing with cash and bank related tasks should sit facing east and north direction. All the financial records are recommended to be kept in central north or southwest region.
  9. All the electrical appliances should be installed in the south-east direction of the office space.
  10. If you are in manufacturing or in manufacturing related business, it should start from the south and then move progressively towards north and west before approaching east.

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