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Tips to Phase Others Out of Competition at a Corporate Exhibition

4006554866_424ba35a62_bCorporate exhibitions offer you the opportunity to showcase your latest products and services to an interested audience. However, the challenge comes in standing out from your competitors. There’s only a few hours in an exhibition and you want to be sure you’ve used them properly. Standing out from your competition assures that you not only get the most visitors but that you also stand out in their mind.

There are several different ways to stand out at a corporate exhibition. Some methods include your presentation, sales pitch, crowd interaction, and proper use of a modular exhibition stand to attract visitors. Here is a brief overview on how to phase out the competition and stand out an exhibition.

Five Tips On How To Stand Out From The Competition

  1. Plan In Advance: to stand out from your competitors, your first step is long before the exhibition even starts. Everything should be properly planned in advance. Make sure your strategy on what your goals should be are clearly defined. Make sure your staff has been properly trained for the event. Review positional materials and make sure you have a clear message that is understood by everyone on staff and that any promotional scripts have also been read through. Lastly, not having enough staff is a common error that can greatly reduce the overall effectiveness of an event.

  1. Make Use Of Social Media: one of the best ways to build hype and draw a crowd at an exhibit is to make proper use of modern marketing tools. Social media allows you to reach out to interested exhibition goers before the event and give them a reason to come to your stand. Promotion is the key! You can also use contest and giveaways and announce them via social media.

  1. Have A Theme: the best thing you can do at a corporate exhibition is be memorable. A lot of companies are rather generic and while they professionally sound, there’s nothing unique about them. An exhibition with nothing memorable about it will quickly forgotten once the event has ended. A theme need not be complex neither can it be as simple as matching T-shirts. What a theme does is tie parts of your exhibit together such as promotional materials, handouts and free gifts.

  1. Know Your Audience: know whom you’re trying to reach for your goods or services. A lot of companies miss by advertising everyone and no one. By focusing on your target market, you can design your overall theme and presentation to best reach them. Also, by having a target audience in mind, you can test out various strategies and messages before the event to see which reaches your target audience best.

  1. Be Sure To Follow Up: lastly, make good use of the information you collected at the exhibition to follow up with potential customers and clients. After organizing potential leads, follow up with them. This can be via traditional mail or email. The point is you stay fresh in their mind. Following up sets you above your competition.


To properly succeed at a professional exhibition, you have to keep your competition in mind. The best way to succeed in phasing out the competition is to stand out from them by having a carefully planned and unified approach to the event. Aside from having an eye catching exhibition stand, you also need a unifying theme, successful marketing, and a focused audience you’re trying to reach and are willing to follow up with. By focusing on these goals well in advance, you will be more than ready to make your presence count.

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