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Tips for Planning the Ultimate Corporate Event

fefwefA well-executed corporate event is one of the most powerful tools at a company's disposal. It not only provides a fun, celebratory setting to interact with clients or announce new products and services, but the event itself presents an opportunity to showcase the companies logistical and organization skills as well. When you think about it, nothing inspires less confidence in a business then a mismanaged event. Before heading out to plan your next event, take note of the following tips to ensure your next corporate event goes off without a hitch!

Establish Goals

Before picking up the phone and making reservations, the goals of the event need to be clear. Clearly established goals will help guide the rest of the planning, from choosing a venue to establishing follow-ups. An important question to ask is "what are we trying to accomplish with this event?" If the goal is to launch a new product, plan an event that will allow you to shine the most light on that product. If the event aims to show appreciation to your current client base, focus more on entertainment aspects.

Budget, Budget, Budget!

Obviously planners would love to pull out all the stops for each corporate event, but chances are budgetary constraints will keep them from renting out that cruise ship for their next seasonal mixer. Once a rough budget is established, break it down and establish how much needs to be spent on aspects like food, entertainment, venue, etc. After all, at the end of the night nobody wants to get stuck with a bill they cant pay!

Create a To-Do List

Much like money, equal attention must be paid to budgeting time. Lets face it: hiccups are bound to pop up from time to time during planning, but staying on top of the details ensures that those hiccups are only minor in scope. A well thought-out to-do list ensures that everything is taken care of leading up to the event. Make sure the most important, time-sensitive tasks are covered and completed well ahead of time as to avoid the undue stress of having to make last minute arrangements.

Two Birds with One Stone

Most event planners will suggest looking to utilize "package deals" tailored specifically towards corporate events. For example, find an appropriate venue that can take care catering as well. If the event in question requires detailed presentations, find a venue that can provide projectors and other A/V equipment as well. Taking advantage of package deals like these allow event planners to cover all necessary bases without adding so many moving parts that managing them becomes difficult.


Hopefully everything went smoothly during the lead up and planning and the event went off without a hitch. So what's next? Make sure everyone comes to the next one! The best way to do so is by collecting contact emails of your guest and sending them thank-you's and reminders of upcoming events.


If you have any questions, please ask below!