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Time Tracking Applications Every Organization Should Prefer

For organizations, whether small or large, nothing is more precious than time. The organizations can surely compromise with major business aspects but none of us likes to compromise our time.

As the organizations need different applications for accounting, finance management, they always should tend to have better time management strategies to track their performance and manage the overall productivity. This is all possible when they have a plan to manage their time. The pressure of having meetings and completing deadlines is an important aspect that should be managed by all businesses and organizations which makes a way for the organizations to have a way to manage their business productively.

According to reports, businesses spend an average of 80% of their average time on activities that hold no value for their business. But the reports also conclude that only 17% of people track their time which marks the importance of time tracking in the organizations.

A majority of companies spend around 16 days a year on finding paper documents that could have been saved with the help of technology to reduce time and efforts inculcated to have those documents stored. To make sure that your organization is not spending too much on unnecessary tasks, be sure to have an alternative time tracking system that could save time for you.

A time management software not only saves the additional time spent on void tasks,it also helps in tracking employee time, their average working hour and time spent on various tasks.

There are various time management software with several benefits:

  1. It gives your employees access to the defined schedules
  2. It prevents time fraud
  3. It boosts staff productivity
  4. Time management software provides scalability
  5. It helps in receiving time analytics
  6. Time management software saves cost
  7. It improves staff morale and brings excellent flexibility

Here are some of the best time management software that can help individuals and organizations to understand the importance of time management.

1. Rescue Time

RescueTime is a time tracking and management application that helps in tracking the time spent on websites, applications and documents without setting any timers. It works automatically and tracks time that is consumed on handling different tasks. The application is used for distracting websites or applications when you are focusing on any specific task and thereby improves work productivity. The application can send monthly reports and send notifications in order to maintain work productivity.

Here are the features of RescueTime

  1. Detailed reports, and insights
  2. Blocks distracting websites
  3. Third-party application integration
  4. One-click offline time tracking
  5. Automatic time tracking
  6. Real time reports

2. Toggl

Toggl is a time management application and is also used for reporting daily activities on different platforms. It is used for tracking the total time on different projects and tasks and works as a timer to remind the work running in the background. The users can use Toggl for tracking the time spent on a task and then turn the timer off after tracing the total time and see how much time they spend on the task. The extraordinary interface and time-saving feature is the reason the majority of individuals and freelancers use this application.

Features of Toggl

  1. Email tracking reminders
  2. Team dashboard
  3. Reporting
  4. Scheduled alerts
  5. One-click timers
  6. Application integration

3. Proofhub

ProofHub is a time management application that helps in providing accurate and defined time tracking to know the exact time spent on teamwork or individual work. It is used for tracking the hours, calculating the billable hours, creating custom time reports and many other tasks. The feature that makes it different and efficient from other applications is its capability to track different tasks from a centralized location.

  1. Online discussions
  2. Setting time estimates
  3. Manual and automated timers
  4. Overview of all time data
  5. Archive and export timesheets
  6. Group chat
  7. Online proofing

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking and management application that offers activity tracking and real-time tracking. It is used for tracking the overall or total time spent on reporting, accepting and receiving payments, calculating working hours and providing automated reports. The application can be used timely, the users can install the application on their devices and start tracking time. They can then stop the tracker whenever they want. The users can see their activity, manage their overall time and know how much they spend on different tasks.

Features of Hubstaff

  1. GPS tracking
  2. Employee monitoring
  3. Project budgeting
  4. Online tracking
  5. Online timesheets
  6. Payroll software
  7. Online invoicing
  8. Productivity measurement
  9. Complete and detailed reporting
  10. Geofencing

5. Time doctor

One of the finest SaaS time tracking software is Time Doctor that is used for tracking time spent on different tasks. The application creates a summary of the time spent on tasks, projects and assignments thereby prioritizing the essential tasks.

Features of Time Doctor

  1. Online payroll and Timesheet
  2. Offline time tracking
  3. Application Integrations
  4. Project budgeting and management
  5. Website monitoring
  6. Application monitoring
  7. Employee monitoring
  8. Regular alerts
  9. Distraction alerts

These time tracking and management applications are the best solutions if the businesses need to organize and direct time for different tasks. Using this software, not only the time spent is calculated but no extra time is wasted on any task as every second is calculated and noted.

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