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The advantages of parallel workforce

dewdwYou have probably heard that phrase “we are an equal opportunity employer” but do organizations really understand how a diverse workforce can benefit their business? Do they really make hiring a diverse workforce a priority? Organizations should capitalize on and embrace diversity for the good of their teams and their business. Regardless of the group, it is hard to form a brand relationship unless you have people that come from those cultures and ethnicities that can connect. Businesses perceive diversity as it’s different people, coming from different environments, age groups, personalities, experiences, and communities such as disabled people, LGBT, etc. Just having those individuals having a voice into their own communities can help businesses to market their products more efficiently and to a wider range of prospective customers.

The traditional model for putting together a workforce was to hire everyone the company felt they needed to complete the job before work started. Each of these individuals was generally brought on as a full-time employee and was paid even if there were days when they weren’t actually doing anything. These non-productive, paid days are referred to as stand-by days.

While there are some good things about the traditional way of doing things, an increasing number of businesses realize that enlisting the services of a contract-based employee is actually more economical. Employers have found that by taking advantage of the contracted-based personal they’re able to enlist via the services of providers such, not only do they save up to 30% of what they would if they had hired the person through traditional methods, but are also able to avoid paying for stand-by days.

Parallel Work Force

In the last years, a wide range of services have been implemented, allowing businesses to develop a parallel workforce that not only lowers operating costs and overhead on each project, but also provides the business with skill sets and knowledge of a specific environment that’s not available for businesses that still follow a traditional system.

Such services gather a group of diverse, highly qualified people together. Each member of the team is highly qualified and has experience working in their professional field. A cloud-based platform enables employers to explore the programs parallel workforce and identify individuals who would be a good match for them. Once the employer has picked out a few possibilities, they gain access to in-depth knowledge of the contractor’s education and work experience, the information includes feedback from previous employers.

Advantage of a Parallel Work Force

One of the things that employers love about parallel workforce is that instead of having to fly an entire team to a work site that’s in a different state or country, they can connect with qualified individuals who are already established in the location. Not only does this save the business from the cost of moving an entire team of employees, but also means they can start work right away since they don’t have to wait for the team to settle in and get to know the area before going to work.

Another advantage to using contract-based individuals who already live in the area is that they already have contacts such as local government officials and sub-contractors who can make some of the business’s operations go more smoothly than they might otherwise have

Every single day, business owners and managers discover just how much parallel workforce simplifies their everyday operations, particularly when it comes to a remote worksite. Not only does the business stand to save as much as 30% of what they would have spent on a full-time employee, they also benefit from having a much deeper pool of local talent and knowledge then they would have been able to assemble on their own.

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