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Starting Your Own “Inflatable” Business: A few Constructive Tips and Tricks

Starting any business of your own requires a whole lot of realistic planning and a clear and well-defined goal. The inflatable business is no different either.

Now, in here, I have collected a few constructive tips and tricks to starting your very own inflatable business. Take a closer look at these and try to implement the same in your business operations to succeed in the long run. So let’s begin without any further ado.

  1. Know your equipment well

When starting any inflatable business of your own, you are expected to know your equipment well. Do some research on the internet, pencil out the necessities that you need, and go for the purchase without any further ado, but only from reputed dealers.

For example, here’s a list of a few equipment that you may need for starting an inflatable bouncy castle business at the very least:

  • Electric blower
  • Bouncy castle
  • Rain-cover
  • Ledger book
  • Anchor stakes
  • RCD circuit breaker
  • Local street map
  • Electrical extension cable
  • Ground sheet
  • Public liability insurance coverage
  • Safety mats
  • Sack trolley


Like I said before, always purchase equipment from reliable and trustworthy inflatable dealers. Never compromise on the quality of your equipment at any possible cost, or your business may very easily go downhill as a result of the same.

  1. Spread the word


Your promotional plans will play a major role in deciding the amount of money you make. So don’t ignore them.

The first step to making people aware of your business is to spread the word through your friends, neighbors, and relatives. The best thing about this kind of promotion is the fact that it won’t even cost you a dime.

Soon afterward, you can use the help of your local newspaper advertisements, banners, and hoardings to spread the word among your prospective local customers. Trust me; it does work.

  1. Don’t overspend; create a realistic budget of your own

The temptation to overspend can become too high at the initial stages of your business. Nevertheless, you need to keep this temptation at bay at possible cost for your own business good.

Chalk up a realistic budget of your own (by basing the same on your expense-revenue ratio) and stick to it at all possible cost. Overspending can hurt your business a lot in the long run.

  1. Never ignore safety

Business safety is something that you can never ignore at any possible cost. Remember, it is inherently linked to your business reputation and can directly influence your revenue, either for good or bad.

For example,

If anybody gets hurt as a result of your inflatable business service, your reputation’s going to take a bad hit for sure. So always take necessary precautions to keep the prospects of danger at bay to the best of your ability. Small steps like these can go a long way indeed.

  1. Invest in a business website


Every business is incomplete without a presence on the internet. So make sure you have one as well.

Get an inflatable business website on the World Wide Web to increase your customer reach, on the whole. Also, don’t forget to optimize the site for mobile users because of the steady rising popularity of mobile devices over desktops.

Note: Having a business website on the internet is not just a cost. It’s an investment; an investment having a high ROI.

  1. Get a social media presence

Having just a static website on the internet is not going to serve your purpose well unless you promote it digitally on various social networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) and bookmarking channels (such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, LockerDome, etc.).

Your social media presence is as important as your presence on the website. Never ignore it for good. Do it the right way, and you may see your business boom in a matter of months rather than years.

So that sums up the article for now. Hope the six tips mentioned above come in handy for your purpose. Good luck!

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  1. Very good advice but hard work in Manchester England,best of luck Regards Paul.

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