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How to Use the Cloud to Make Your Business More Sustainable

Eco-friendly companies are always looking for ways to cut down on waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Setting up a cloud contact center can help your company achieve both goals as well as make your agents better collaborators and communicators. But setting up one usually comes with high costs and a hard-hitting environment impact.

Instead, setting up acloud contact center with an integrated IVR systemis a good alternative to traditional legacy systems, because it can centralize customer engagement and provide cloud-based storage, while requiring less unnecessary equipment.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of utilizing a cloud contact center and go over how to use one of the most talked-about technological advances today (the cloud) to create more sustainable systems. But first, let’s define what an IVR system is and how it can benefit your cloud call center.

What is IVR?

Essentially, interactive voice response is anautomated telephony systemthat collects information from callers and then routes them to the appropriate representative or department. An IVR system has the ability to accept a combination of voice commands and touch-tone keypad selections and then deliver the proper responses via email, voice, text message and other contact methods.

IVR systems work well when paired with a cloud call center, because it allows for smoother transactions and interactions by providing enough relevant information to your agents before they even make contact with the customer, which can help speed things up and enhance both customer and agent experience.

Making Your Business More Sustainable

Cloud Contact Center

A cloud call center that incorporates a contact center using IVR can make your business more sustainable by helping you preserve context across multiple channels, adapt to each caller’s experience level, and predict call intent based on recent interactions. With mobile IVR solutions like Text2IVR and Visual IVR provided by a cloud contact center, your agents can see a visual preview of what’s going on with each customer as well as utilize a tool that converts text responses into the IVR system for ease of use.

Cloud-Based Document Creation & Filing System

If you’ve ever wondered about how to create and file documents in a more sustainable manner, you now have the option of utilizing a cloud-based document creation and filing system that can help keep your agents organized and well-informed when it comes to interacting with customers. Not only will you be sure your documents are in a safe, secure location, but you can access them with ease at any time. So keeping organized and up-to-date with everything should be a breeze.

Better Communication and Collaboration

A cloud call center with IVR applications can help your agents collaborate better by providing conferencing solutions. It can also help your agents communicate better with prospects by providing proactive outreach for notifications and reminders so that you can provide post-sales support to your customers.

With omnichannel capabilities, you can make communication even easier, because your agents can now communicate with customers on any channel they want, including email, social media, phone, live chat and text message.

Better Storage and Reduced IT Costs

A cloud call center gives your company the advantage of cloud-based storage, meaning you won’t have piles and piles of papers stacked up everywhere or a handful of file cabinets taking up the majority of your office or workspace. A cloud call center can help reduce IT costs because instead of hiring a team to keep your systems in order, you’ll have support from your cloud provider instead. You also eliminate the costs ofoperating a year-round call center facility, which means more money in your pocket. And who doesn’t love the sound of that?

Cuts Time and Waste

With cloud-based storage, you won’t have to worry about creating excess waste and increasing the planet’s carbon footprint. Cloud-based storage gives you the option of in-queue self-service and callback that also cuts down on time spent on-hold for the customer. It gives your agents the time they need to properly prepare to interact with each customer, rather than rushing through call after call to try to get every query answered.

Being a Good Environmental Steward Starts Here

A cloud call center has many benefits, especially when paired with an integrated IVR system, because it requires less unnecessary equipment and provides a better alternative to storing important company files.

As you can see, investing in a cloud call center with IVR capabilities can be much more beneficial than a traditional cloud call center and can make your business more sustainable. So consider a solution like this for your business if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and work toward eliminating global waste.

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