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How to Make the Best Use of a Tiny Office Space

Office spaces are shrinking and still, there is so much to do in that limited space. Office space is meant to be used for briefs and brainstorming sessions, meetings, a place to write ideas, a comfort zone to take a chill and of course a place to sit and do the work stuff, etc. All these things sound impossible to be done in a limited office space. Moreover, if your small office is cluttered, it will definitely not attract young and energetic employees to work for you.

Here are few ideas to make the best use of space with a small office

Get rid of the heaviness

As the paperwork has now reduced and everything is going digital on the cloud, you can get rid of that heavy office desk. Avoid dark-coloured furniture. Instead invest in light-weight, slick and small desks with a lighter shade. Dark-coloured furniture makes your office space look congested.

Light it up

It is important to understand that the office is not just a place of work. It is an environment where the minds of employees flourish and your business grows. This environment has to be more open and bright with light. Try to make the office brighter by putting more lights or by placing more windows. In fact, when you put more windows, the office will look bigger and more natural light will enter the office. If you do not have a scope of adding more windows then add more lights, especially white lights to light up your space, raise the productivity and energy levels. Buy office storage cabinets that are light in colour.

Flexibility is the new trend

Creating heavy walls to divide places can make your place look tiny. You can use folding walls which can help you convert the place for different work purposes. Use a round meeting table and chairs in place of a heavy rectangle table for conferences and meetings. Round meeting tables and chairs can accommodate more people and can make the place look more open.

Embrace Transparency

Don’t use dark-coloured partitions for office cabins. Instead, use glass. Glass doesn’t block the eyes and gives an unlimited view. Remove the heavy dividers that separate the work desks of your employees. Use glass dividers or no dividers at all. Taking this step will also help the employees in making better connections with each other.

Modernity is the key

Create a modern style of work in your small office. Many small offices are now adopting heightened desk tables that can be used by people who want to stand and work for some time for a change or for health. Create a separate chill-out zone with designer lounge chairs that are modern in looks but occupy less space. People can also use designer lounge chairs or couches to brainstorm ideas freely because doing everything from the work desk is too boring.

Stand-up to energise and save time

Hold stand-up meetings with your staff. Stand-up meetings show that you have more energy and potential to drive your employees with dynamism. On the other hand stand-up meetings last shorter which saves you and our employees more time. This kind of meeting will need less furniture like an extra table and chairs.

De-clutter the clutter

Never use things like carpet and small rugs. These things clutter the place and make it look small. Use a flooring material which stretches from wall-to-wall. Use big tiles and probably the ones which are light in colour. Don’t use materials like stone or marble tiles. They tighten up space. You want to use these things to make your office look aesthetically appealing but it gives an impression of a smaller space.

Define your necessity

You need to figure out how much office staff you have. So you can design your office furniture minimally. To accommodate more people use a longer table. Buy office storage cabinets that are vertical. Vertical cabinets give an elevated view and will not eat up the place on the floor.

Make work from home possible

Allow a few of your employees to work remotely if you can. This can free the space which is occupied physically by them. By doing this, office resources will be used limitedly and you will have to invest less in the office furniture. All the necessary technologies are available to communicate with a simple internet connection with these employees. Even documents can be sent digitally. Work from home in a way solves many of your problems.

Become technologically sound

Once you buy office storage cabinets and create a perfect spot to store the necessary papers and files, the next step is to think about reducing them to make more space for other necessary things. Be technologically sound and take your most of the data on the cloud. This is also beneficial when you need to access information without being physically present in the office.

More breathing room increases the productivity of the employees and allows more innovative ideas to flow in. You can also ask suggestions from your employees on how to maximise your office space. Ask what they feel about designer lounge chairs, round meeting tables and chairs, lights, etc. This type of exercise will make them feel included in the decisions of the office space and it will also make them feel more welcome. When ideas will come from the employees, they will easily adjust to the change coming their way.

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