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How Human Resources Software Helps With Staff Development

HR software for any business owner, staff retention is a big issue. Nobody wants to lose good workers once they have found them.

Having to spend time recruiting staff is costly. It burns up the time of your HR team and line manager who both have to take time out of their busy days to put together, or update, a job advert, and conduct interviews.

In addition, no matter how capable a new employee is they will still need to go through induction, and be shown how your company does things. Inevitably, training them swallows up even more precious time.

While they get up to speed, the rest of the team is put under constant pressure. This puts everyone into a stressful situation, which can eventually lead to higher than average levels of sickness.

Being caught in a constant cycle of recruiting is something all business owners need to avoid. Staff retention needs to be a priority. Many company owners understand the negativity of having too high a staff turnover, which is why more of them are investing in human resources software to help them to take better care of their staff.

A good quality HR software includes modules that make managing recruitment and training as easy as possible. Modern HR packages can cope with setting up, and monitoring, a training schedule for each employee. You can buy this type of software from Cascade HRor you can find more listed here.

Identify training needs

You need to start the ball rolling by identifying skill gaps in your business. Use your line managers to identify them. They will know where the weaknesses in their teams are. At this stage, it is well worth looking into the future a bit.

Think about skill shortages that could be created when a key member of staff retires, goes on paternity leave, is promoted, or finds another job. By looking ahead like this, you start to understand the type of longer term training you should be providing. This allows you to stop fire fighting and focus on growing your business.


Once you have a list of training needs you can take the next step and rank them in order of importance.

Setting up the training

Now you know what is needed you can look for courses that fit, or put together some in-house training. Next you and your line managers should choose who will be trained to do what, and set up the training programme on your HR software package.

Once it is all on the system you will be able to manage the process of getting everyone trained in an effective manner. At any point, you will be able to see where you are, and identify what needs to be done next.

If you would like to learn more about training your staff, and creating the right culture in your business, just click this link.

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