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How Are Businesses Going Green?

greenThere are many ways in which businesses are going green. One way is by protecting their equipment that is already in use. This saves them from having to replace parts, which means that fewer parts will be made, causing fewer emissions from the manufacturing process to be produced. One of the ways that businesses are protecting their equipment is by using covers.

Have you ever heard of something called a chromium carbide overlay plate? Probably not. This is an abrasion resistant, ultra thin, overlay for a steel base plate that has been made with chromium carbide. It is designed to be used in areas that have severe abrasion and moderate impact where the thickness and weight are critical parts of the design. It can be rolled, formed, or even cut. This plate is resistant to wear and the use of it means that the parts protected by it will last longer.

This is one way that companies and businesses can go green. By using plates to protect parts and pieces of equipment instead of just having them wear out quickly and replacing them. This cuts down on the manufacturing processes for new parts, which helps to reduce carbon footprints.

Make the Switch

Businesses can also save money as they go green. One simple way to do that is to change from using regular paper products, packaging, and paper to using ones made from post – consumer waste. Of course, it is always best to go completely paperless, but realistically speaking, that isn’t always possible. PCW paper and paper products are made from paper that is put into recycling bins. This type of paper is made with 45% less energy and make only half the waste. Also, remember to recycle all of your used paper too.

Audit Yourself

One thing that you can do to make your business greener is to give it an energy audit. Most of the local utility companies offer free on – site consultations to businesses to find out how they can lower their energy usage while saving money. Often, suggestions will include things like:

  • Improving insulation
  • Installing timers that will turn off the lights automatically
  • Using light bulbs that are energy efficient
  • Keeping temperatures at ranges that are comfortable

Investing Wisely

Reducing a carbon footprint isn’t always about giving things up and cutting back – it can also be about making investments that are socially responsible. One way that a lot of businesses are going green is by changing their traditional habits to alternatives that are more low-impact as well as investing in the technology that will make these changes more attractive and smoother. As an example – if a company invests in more advanced communications technology in order to facilitate conference calls, this can assist said company in reducing the impact of everyone needing to travel to their meetings.

Clean with Biodegradable Products

Using biodegradable and natural products for cleaning will reduce the exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins while also reducing the instances of these substances getting released into our environment. When you next run out of laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, or other cleaning supplies, opt for a greener choice. There are quite a few stores that sell these green options in bulk.

Being Responsible

Businesses aren’t the only ones who need to be responsible, though. We each need to do our part as well. If you pay attention to Nielson reports, you will have noticed that nearly 2/3 of the population of the US have a smart phone and that those are replaced on an average of every 18 months. We also have laptops and computers that get replaced with regularity. How many of those do you think get recycled? How many go to landfills? Only around 30% of them get recycled. The rest are essentially dumping e – waste irresponsibly. Think about it. Which do you do? Are you doing your part?

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