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Good Ways to Motivate Your Workers-Tips That Work

Sooner or later, you will need to tackle the issue of decreased productivity in your office. When people are new to a job and eager to please the boss, these issues don't really come up. Everyone's got their hand in the air screaming: "Pick me coach, I'm ready!" However, because there's tons of soul crushing repetitiveness at any job, our productivity is bound to drop eventually. Oh, there will still be a lot of creativity, but it will be more about finding creative ways to spend half the day on Facebook stalking old girlfriends or creating the perfect wedding list on Pinterest. So, as a business owner it is your job to reignite the love for the grind that your employees once had. You can achieve this through different motivational tactics, so keep on reading to learn a few quick and dirty tricks.

Changing your office


This suggestion is rather self-explanatory. Now that all sorts of tech devices are obtainable at a more affordable price, there is no time to lose. Strike while the iron is hot and gadget up your working environment. This will breathe a new life into your office, and all of the employees will be more than pleased to find out they can use brand new equipment.

This is far more than a nice gesture - it also sends a message that the company as a whole is performing well, and that you have enough resources to provide for a more efficient workforce. It has a positive impact on the psyche of the employees and it will boost their productivity. A purchase like this one is essential for a small business owner, because it displays a certain degree of advancement, and employees can, in a way, enjoy the fruits of their labour as well.

Employee based incentives

The previous suggestion is ideal, however, supplying an entire office will take a big chunk of your resources. In other words, if you are not prepared to make such a big step, there is another approach to utilize massive discounts.

Employee based incentives function on a simple principle, you reward those employees that put in extra work. However, in order for the reward to motivate them, it would need to be something beneficial, yet at the same time, a thing that someone is reluctant to purchase. For example, we would all love to have the latest tablet, but not everyone wants to spend that amount of cash on a gadget, because they've got other priorities. Make sure you go through reviews to help you decide what gift to buy as an incentive price.

These are basically gadgets, suits, in some instances cars etc. If you buy enough of these items you can start these incentives, but at the same time, make sure that no extra effort goes unrewarded. It would be demoralizing if someone tried their best, but got outperformed at the last minute in a neck to neck race. Lastly, if everyone had incredible performance, and the company took a huge leap forward during the incentive, try to reward everyone.

Incentives are usually very beneficial for everyone, just remember to have more rewards to go around in order to keep them going. If everything goes as planned, you should have enough money to keep them running. Also, you need to be aware of your audience, since the rewards should appeal to their desires in order to motivate them to give it their all.

Give them more freedom


One reason why workers grow weary of their daily duties is because they acquire an impression that they are trapped. In order to remove this mind barrier, you can allow the workers to play video games during breaks, or games in general. Basically you will have to either have a gaming room, with a TV and a gaming console, or pool table, or darts. Having these kinds of entertainment tools in the office really helps the workers. It makes them love their working space even more.

Alternatively, you can allow the workers to use their break time as they see fit. So, if they have an entire hour to take a break, allow them to break that hour up into segments and take smaller breaks whenever they like. A study was conducted by Professor Jeffrey Goldstein that was based on this principle. The workers were allowed to play video games at the workplace, and since they used these breaks strategically in order to unwind, their performance increased. However, the video game itself did not have anything to do with the increase in productivity, it was due to the freedom to choose the break time as they saw fit.

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