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Free Salesforce Training That Would Lead End User Adoption

sales-managerThere are a lot of free salesforce training being offered that would help achieve end user adoption. If you want to achieve some success in this area, here are some of the best trainings you can take.

Free Salesforce Training For Better Results

  1. Role Identification training. This is a free salesforce training that is made for each and every role. In this training, defined roles are identified. Discussions will center on how each role can use end user adoption and to have access to it. The most important thing here is which of these reports included will hold the most value for the trainees and how they can utilize these. These are the things that the salesforce must learn in this training.
  2. Scene Identification Training. In this training, the salesforce will be shown a series of scenarios through screens. The one thing they need to know is when do they have to use the screens. They need not discuss what is on the screens, instead, they need to relate what is on the screens to real life events which the salesforce can discuss alltogether. This may seem like a business training course but deep down it is still training of the software.
  3. Team Training. Here in this free salesforce training, the best scenario would be to have the manager under training and the members (or end users) of his team work together. It is a good idea that the manager is trained with the end users because this means buy in by the management will happen. This makes sure that the end users training is worth their while.

The Right Way To Conduct Free Salesforce Training

  1. Real world scenario training. Obviously, there are a lot of things that end users will certainly learn from training using simulated scenarios and settings. However, there is no way of seeing how the end users would use the things that they have learned when they go out and apply it on real world scenarios. However, these trainees can undergo free salesforce training with real life data and records. They can do this by bringing their business card stacks and use real data during training day. This allows them to actually go through a class of training having real life experience.
  2. Classroom Training. Free salesforce training is nothing if the salesforce is not allowed to practice what they learned in the classroom. Actual practice is one of the best things for a salesforce. Training by strictly lecture may not be the most fruitful of all.
  3. Retrain every time. There has been proof that 14 days after the last day of a training session, people can only recall not more than 4 percent of what they have learned. The only way to have them recall most of these is to have a retraining session from time to time. A one-time training session just will not produce positive results in the long run. This is why it is important that a proper retraining program must be installed.

The proper training should be given regarding end user adoption since it a tricky thing to achieve

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