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8 Tips for Packaging and Shipping Corporate Christmas Gifts

When a gift box is about to come and the occasion is Christmas, we get way too excited to open and see what’s in it. Our excitement comes to a disastrous end if the package arrives in a distorted manner. How bad it feels to see our gift all crumbled up, destroyed and broken into pieces. Such destruction happens when packaging and shipping are not done properly.

Those who pack and ship these very special Christmas corporate gifts need to be very careful while doing so. These are just not gifts but memories and well wishes sent from loved ones. These gifts are very special and comprise a lot of emotions. It is really heart-breaking if these gifts arrive in a ruined condition, so it’s better to be careful.

Here are 8 tips that you must remember while packaging and shipping items:

1. Get away with the old shipping labels

If you reuse old shipping boxes, it is really good and charming. These boxes are frugal and also ecologically responsible. But the important question is that, are the labels and barcodes removed? These old bar codes or labels that remain in the box can create a lot of misunderstanding. It leads the boxes to be shipped to a wrong address. So it is always better to remove the old labels and bar codes from the boxes to ship it again. Moreover, old labels also make the package look that you really do not care. This will put a very bad impression on the customer’s mind. So always pull out those labels before you label again.


2. H-Tape is a good method to follow

Do you know what’s H-tape? I am sure you do, it’s a kind of packaging technique that keeps the packages finely locked and secure. You just need to properly apply the tape all along the open seams of the box and seal it properly. This will definitely make an H-shape on the upper surface of the box. Therefore, the name has been given “H-tape method”. But if you have a box that is not properly shaped then just apply the tape along the open seams of the box.


3. The tape that you use makes a difference

The tape that you use should be at least of 60-lbs and must be 2 inches wide. Do not use a cellophane tape, rather use a Scotch tape. The differentiation in tape is because neither of the tape is that strong.

4. Box within a box protection

It happens that when an item is fragile, only a single box can’t hold it and keep it safe. But if the item is put within another box then it may stay safe and secure. Place the 1st box within the 2nd box and then pack well. What you need to do is give a 2 inches of cushioning closes all around your gift. Then place it within the 2nd box. This will stop it from moving within the box and in this manner your fragile gift will stay intact without any breakage.


5. Use newspaper

Rather than using anything else, crumbled newspaper is a better option. But the only thing you need to be aware of is the newspaper ink. This ink can destroy other materials within the box.

6. Be careful with cooked products

During Christmas, shipping baked cookies is a very popular thing. But baked things doesn’t stay fresh for a much longer time. So to keep them fresh and deliver them to the desired address, they must be delivered faster.

7. Must provide a label or a business card

It is always good to provide a label or a business card with your gift inside the box. So, if the outer label gets destroyed or damaged, the shipping company may look into the box for the address and deliver it to that address.


8. Never assume the schedules of shipping

It’s a bad habit to assume a shipping delivery. It’s true that some parts of the country are really remote and take time to be reached. So plan ahead in such cases, so that you can deliver the item within time to that particular place.

These are some effective ways that should be followed so that the Corporate Christmas gifts reach on time and remain undamaged.


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