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7 Tips for Managers to Build a Culture of Compliance

Creating a culture of compliance is not an easy feat. Even experienced managers find it challenging to make sure that everyone in the company works towards compliance. To make things easier, keep on reading and we’ll talk about the best things to do.

Incentivize Compliance

To encourage employees to behave ethically, incentives can help. Tying compliance with compensation can increase the possibility that employees will adhere to what the regulations say. Companies should conduct periodic reviews and should have an attractive reward scheme to encourage everyone in the organization to comply.

Provide Strict Penalties

In the same way that compliance should be incentivized, it will also help to penalized non-compliance. There should be strict measures to serve as a lesson to those who are not following a company’s compliance policies.

Provide Comprehensive Training

One of the most important is compliance training, which should include everyone in the organization. Whether it is chief executives or regular employees, this kind of training should be mandatory. It should not be a one-time event. At the minimum, conduct compliance training at least once a year, making sure that everyone is aware of the laws and regulations that impact their jobs.

Build a Strong Leadership

Leadership in an organization is vital in ensuring compliance. The leaders themselves should be pioneering the execution of measures to ensure compliance. Employees will imitate the actions of their leaders. Also, with strong leadership, there will be a clear sense of direction on where the company is heading about its compliance initiatives. Managers are responsible for being strong leaders to ensure compliance.

Write it Down

Do not simply address the compliance requirements verbally. A good way to make sure that it sticks is to write it down. A written code of ethics and compliance is necessary. This should apply to all employees, and not just to certain groups. Even the top management should follow these written policies.

Maintain Proper Communication

Managers are responsible for clearly communicating compliance requirements for their employees. Constant reminders should be in place to make sure that no one will violate existing regulations. From discrimination to workplace violence, many of the compliance-related issues can be successfully addressed when managers are effective communicators.

Embrace Technology

Technology is a powerful tool to modernize compliance. Embracing innovative tools is a must-have for managers to create a culture of compliance. From artificial intelligence to machine learning, many technology investments will help businesses to practice better compliance. These technologies can even help combat discrimination and minimize violence in the workplace.

From discrimination to data management, there are many aspects of business operations where compliance is important. For managers to create a culture of compliance, take note of our recommendations above, which include training employees, providing incentives, and embracing technology, among other things.

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