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5 Things to Avoid While Choosing a Pizza POS System

ftegrtgrteToday POS systems have become one of the most essential requirements for any small or big business enterprise. Needless to say, that each business is different from other and so are their requirements. The pizza business is one such business that has its own set of priorities.

Just any common POS system won’t always work for a pizza restaurant. Hence, it needs a specialized approach that has options to go hand in hand with handling pizza delivery both at the tables and at the doorsteps.

But not everybody is aware of these subtle differences. Some do end up choosing a wrong POS system that fails to deliver what was expected of it. Here are some common mistakes that pizza business owners fall prey into and repent later. Hope this read will make you conscious and hold you back from committing those mistakes.

  1. Trying to Do It Yourself to Save Money

This is a mistake all of us have tried at some time or the other in our lives. Trying to repair that junk Radio, putting back those broken glass pieces together and what not. It takes the same turn, when someone starts up a business, be it running a pizza restaurant.

What is most commonly seen is that you need a POS system for your pizza restaurant and the most competent computer whiz in the family would suddenly take the charge of saving your money from ‘wasting’ it on some outsider. Then you can’t say a word when your system refuses to cooperate with that brilliant ‘home-made’ software. So, be stern and confident in making this initial investment in a proper POS for your pizza restaurant that would save tons of money in the future. A good example of one such pizza POS is Lavu pizza POS system.

  1. Being Greedy for the “FREE” Stuff

Exploiting the restaurant owner’s greed for having a “free” technology at hand, often the mail-order websites and credit card processors offer cheap and “free” POS systems. Once you fall into such traps, their business interest does get assured but not yours. The solutions they provide ‘free’ of cost do not have the necessary features. You only end up wasting some time in trying to make things work. But the lack of control in that software would make your money flow just to patch up the loopholes.

  1. Getting Distracted by Add-on Features

In many cases, while looking for an ideal POS system, people get distracted by the Add-On Packages, provided by the developers. They allure with the idea of building everything more and more unique and customized, but that is again a wrong way of looking at things. One should focus on the core features first, those “extra” modules should come secondary in your list of priorities while purchasing a POS system.

  1. Undermining the specialty of “Pizza”

Had it not been something special, the concept of a pizza POS system wouldn’t have emerged at all. One should remember that a pizza restaurant isn’t in any way like any other restaurant. So, a common restaurant POS system wouldn’t click fit for a pizza restaurant. Starting from the ordering process, it gets complex because of the variants in crusts, sizes, toppings, substitutions, modifiers and so on. Therefore, a dedicated system specially made for pizza Point of Sale is important.

  1. Forgetting the Relationship factor with the POS Company

When your business is running at its peak hours, your system might suddenly revolt and stop listening to the orders. There’s no other option at that point but to contact the POS company at those odd hours. Would they respond? Would they help you out asap? Do not forget to ask these questions and take a sneak peak on the company’s customer care service reviews before you say ‘yes’ to one.


It is the POS software that would help you in growing your pizza business. Be it sales, reducing costs or enhancing the profits, a wise choice would bring the positive change at a rhythmic pace.

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