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5 Reasons Outsourcing Your Business Will Help It Grow

frferfewNo matter what type of business you’re in, keeping customers happy is the key to long-term success. Giving them multiple ways to contact you will increase satisfaction, no matter what they’re calling about. An outsourced call center can help you keep the lines of communication open, helping you build your business and manage your customer relationships. This is where outsourcing your contact center can help you get ahead; having a competent staff answer the phone for you can make you look good and reserve your own human capital for other important tasks.

Customer service encompasses more than just answering questions about existing products; you can also have your outsourced call center answer questions about new products, take orders, and offer special deals to callers. An outsourced call center can handle a lot of capabilities and save you a lot of money on them as well.

1.Cost savings

This topic cannot be emphasized enough. The cost savings from outsourcing phone calls can be phenomenal. You don’t have to pay salaries, benefits, building rental fees; equipment costs, training fees, and other overhead. You have a professional, polished team that’s ready to work for you without having them actually be a part of your workforce costs. Your team will be remote, and you can even arrange to “share” agents with other companies, giving you, even more, cost savings because the costs are shared.

2.Proprietary Data Collection

In the world of big data, inbound leads give your business the upper hand. Outsourcing pros understand that you want to nurture the leads you receive and will help your business by collecting and analyzing data from individual callers that can help improve the way you do business and create deeper relationships with your customers. Most call centers utilize technologies that can analyze large chunks of data to improve processes, and they capture the data you need to learn even more about your customers as well. This data can be put to even greater use when you’re able to enter it into your case management software and match it with the other information you have about your customers.

3.The Latest Technology

Analytics is just one piece of the technology puzzle when it comes to inbound calls, however, they can be quite costly for businesses owners who must not only license them but pay to train personnel to use them to provide real answers and solutions for your business. When you outsource, your provider will already have access to this robust technology and will be able to share data insight with you from that technology. Typically, a good contact center will offer case management software, trouble ticketing systems, and other popular contact management systems to help you nurture your customers and leads. Many ask, what is case management software? Think of it as an instantly accessible file that contains everything you know about your customer. From purchase history to the contents of phone calls your customer has made to you, you’ll have information about their buying habits, phone calls they’ve made, emails they have sent you, and all the other history they have with your business.

4. 24/7 Capability

Have you ever wished that you had the capacity for calls, 24-hours a day? Outsourcing can give your business that ability, which will increase satisfaction and sales, too! Many customers love to be able to get businesses on the phone and speak to a real, live person. Your competition probably can’t offer this around the clock, but you can! And you’ll find you get a lot more repeat buyers when you can offer this option to them. Studies show that buyers are most satisfied when they can get an answer to a problem within 24 hours or less – this option can help them get answers immediately.

5. Professionalism

The people who will answer the phone and represent your company have been trained to work as customer service professionals, and they approach each phone call with satisfaction as the ultimate goal. Customer service is their career, and they know exactly how to interact with grumpy customers as well as help customers who just need a question answered. You don’t have to worry about lack of training when you’re outsourcing your calls. Call center workers often answer the phone for multiple companies, and their goal is to exceed expectations for every call. They can even use the data in your case management software to ask your customers questions.

Outsourcing has a lot of benefits for businesses; especially those that want to nurture their customers and grow. You can use a contact center to not only provide customer service for current products but also help promote new products you have launched. You can always expect excellent customer service when you outsource to a reputable provider. With outsourcing, while you’re working on growing your business, you will also be working on building deeper, long-lasting relationships with your customers for years to come.

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