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4 Reasons to Outsource Product Design and Development

Product design and development projects cover a multitude of industries. Marketing and public relations firms that specialize in product design and development offer a unique and in-demand service to their community. They are able to offer a much needed path to growth and efficiency. To keep business flowing, these service providers may reach out to their own community of freelance agents for assistance. Here are four reasons to outsource product design and development services.

Connect With Subject Matter Experts

Outsourcing product design and development services is a great way save time and resources. Industry experts work much more efficiently than novice designers who must research extensively before starting work on a project. Even the most experienced designers and developers are not familiar with every type of request. Offering freelancers or independent contractors to complete complex projects provides access to a greater number of experienced professionals than could be found within an existing workforce. Outsourcing to a subject matter expert saves time and ensures a superior finished product.

Reduce Design and Development Costs

Software packages, textbooks, and labor costs associated with keeping up with the latest techniques in design and development are expansive. One small mistake made by an amateur could lead to countless hours of reverse engineering to correct. Freelancers who work on design and development projects day in and day out know the difference between trends and lasting techniques. They keep costs down by utilizing the best approach for each project without wasting time on trial and error.

Ensure Fast Turnaround Times

Another reason to outsource design and development projects is the turnaround time. When designers and engineers are working on the same types of projects frequently, their processing time naturally increases. The difference between a novice and a specialist is high quality results and many saved hours per project. The outsourcing firms can promise and deliver fast turnaround times when they work with knowledgeable professionals. To keep timely, high quality projects in play, clear communication is a must. An upfront contract at the onset ensures that both parties understand their respective roles and responsibilities.

Freelancers Reduce Overhead Costs

In addition to the previously mentioned other benefits of outsourcing, there is a final obvious reason to utilize the experts on design and development projects. Redistributing the workload to an external source provides a cost savings on general expenses. There are no annual salaries since these specialty projects are paid per occurrence. Total compensations packages, including health benefits, retirement plan contributions, and paid time off are also not considerations when hiring freelance help on routine projects. Even worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance are not required expenses for temporary or freelance workers. Generally speaking, overhead and operating expenses for outsourced projects are about 40% less than with full time employees.

Overall, there are many compelling reasons to consider outsourcing projects. There is no one size fits all approach, and there could be potential obstacles to outsourcing. Weigh the benefits and possible liabilities before engaging in a contract for outsourcing design and development projects. Schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss specifics and set expectations at the beginning of the project. Negotiations should be completed before any work commences.

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