Best Ways to Involve Employees in Creating Company Culture

Once you start your own company or you are given the position of managing that company and success is usually the major objective. In order to achieve your company goals and objectives, you will have to come up with a culture that recognizes your values, beliefs, and objectives of your business. But again, it is of no use of coming up with objectives or guidelines or a culture that you thought of and came up with while in your office since if it is not in the best interests of the employees then trust me it is not going to work your way or it may but not in the optimal way expected. Therefore, the best way of coming up with a good, sustainable and a successful culture will be achieved by involving the employees who are the major pillars of success and if they are happy to believe your company is on the right track to success.

Some people are willing to involve their employees but they usually do not know how to do it which is why the following steps are meant to give you an overview of what to do for a successful employee involvement;

1. Arrange outdoor activities

One of the most common and probably one of the best ways of involving your employees is to organise and use outdoor team building activities such as ball games, hiking, athletics, barbecue and much more. Ensure that you are not the one who comes up with the idea; let the employees discuss and agree of their activity of choice and also let them be in charge of such events as it will make them feel involved and respected. It will also help in raising the team spirit.

2. Create social media platforms

We are in a century whereby technology is the order of the day and which the rising use of social media, one of the best ways that employees can get to connect and share their ideas is probably on social media. Therefore, the best way is to create a common platform by forming either a Facebook group or a WhatsApp group or any social media platform that is convenient to all the employees. This way the employees will have a chance to give ideas, discuss the problems they are facing and their possible solutions which will enable you to make the company a better place for the employees.

3. Organize group lunch sessions

At least once in a week make an effort to organize a catering group to provide a common lunch to the employees. This will make the employees feel appreciated and motivated too.

4. Set some time aside for non-work-related conversation

Of course, spending a long time in front of the computer or at your desk can be boring and therefore it is important to create some time of the day of about 30 minutes that the employees can meet up and discuss topics that are not work related. Let sports fans discuss the upcoming match at Old Trafford, political analysts discuss this week’s events and also ladies talk about Ann’s recent hairstyle. This will give them a good break from work and they will always be looking forward to it.

5. Give the employees the freedom to set up their own schedule

It is also very important to give the employees the freedom to come up with their own schedule which they are comfortable with. You will just be required to give them a general outline and leave the rest upon them. This will give the employees a sense of working with rather than working for and they will, therefore, do the job as if it is their own and as we all know when we do a job that is our own we tend to do it better and we always give our best.

Following the above methods of involvement and others such as trusting them with a given project and even putting them in charge of them will make your employees happy will help to come up with a culture that will help you to achieve your company objectives. Take it from one of the most successful entrepreneurs that employee involvement is absolutely necessary, in one way or another.

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