A smart guide to employee engagement – The secret to keeping your employees engaged

Are you someone who manages several employees together or even an entire company? If answered yes, you might be aware of what employee engagement is. Few statistics which will most likely seek your attention are:

  • 85% of employees report that they don’t have any passion for work
  • 80% of the senior managers (who have people working under them) aren’t passionate about their job
  • Disengagement of employees costs companies more than $500 billion in a year
  • 80% of the companies believe that they have a noteworthy engagement and retention issue
  • 85% of HR leaders claim that they don’t tread on the path of good leadership
  • 75% of the employees feel overwhelmed and
  • 75% of the companies are striving hard to lure good employees and recruit talented people

Aren’t these numbers a bit depressing? If you assume that these statistics are accurate, it can be proved that only a lucky 12% love their jobs and look forward to working everyday. But at the same time, you can’t deny that 12% is nothing but Dismal!

Boosting employee engagement without surveys

Are you aware of the best ways in which you can boost employee engagement? More than just measuring perceptions, there are several other things that you can do in order to alter the attitude from ho-hum to hell-ya! You not only have to give an impression to the employees that the company cares for them but you also have to deliver all your promises or rather over-deliver them.

  • Include engagement of employees within your leadership strategy

Companies which have high-growth will have a definite purpose behind their strategy for keeping the employees engaged. The leaders are committed and involved to regularly stay in touch with the employees. They keep monitoring engagement metrics and they hold managers accountable for following the employees who require encouragement, mentoring and incentives. Just as the employee engagement software works, they do it manually.

  • Develop and settle down with a vision

It’s tough to get the employees passionate about any particular thing which they can’t see or which contributes to the success of the company. You have to communicate the vision amongst every employee, deliberately and consistently so that they understand the ultimate connection between the vision and accomplishments.

  • Define roles with opportunities

While there are companies which operate with few hierarchies, you have to ensure that everyone knows what they’re expected to perform and in what way their role contributes to shaping the success of the company. The employer should manage to provide training to prove to them that professional development matters and will benefit the company.

  • Friendship should be promoted at workplace

The better way, in which the employees work with each other, the better they will feel about their performances. You can use modern org chart software because that can be one of the best ways of making your employees learn more regarding each other rather than just their names. People should be given a resource through which they can connect with other employees on a personal level.

Employee engagement software – How can this help?

To put in an effort to boost employee retention rates, companies usually try to do new things which they assume that their employees will love. Most of the Fortune 500 companies offer free exercise classes, free lunches and campus which is equal to a playground. Do you think purchasing software is worth it? Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of using an employee engagement platform.

  • Boosts employee engagement

Employee engagement software is designed in such a manner that the employees can chat online throughout the entire day. If the employees are allowed to react with one another and with the clients, they will feel more as a part of the team.

  • Offers a strong voice to the employees

Employee engagement software lets managers and employees to gauge the way in which everyone feels. Majority of such platforms have ability to conduct surveys, offer feedback and encouragement to co-workers and coach the new hires for developing the right skills. Apart from feeling heard, the employees will feel valued and this will help them stay within the organization for a longer time.

  • Enhances rates of retention

Most of the common reasons which have an influence on making people stay in a job are free coffee, salary and even health insurance. People usually leave due to the fact that they don’t have any recognition for performing well in their jobs and this is why they have bad relationships at work. Through the software, employees will get more ways of connecting with the team and the leader. They can receive real-time feedback as well.

  • Boosts productivity

An employee who is engaged will also be productive. When people are aware of their personal value and how their performances play a role in positively impacting the company, they’re more eager to contribute to a better level. They even push themselves beyond their comfort zone to do what needs to be done. They feel more invested with their liabilities and this drives more success and growth.

  • Improves the way you’re received on board

It can often be intimidating to remain as the ‘new employee’. There are several new things that you have to learn and there is always an added pressure of getting acquainted with your team. During such a time, if the employee engagement activities give them real-time positive feedback and personal opinions about their performances, this motivates them to work more and feel one with the team. They will start feeling a part of the team and they will feel like staying within the company.

Employee satisfaction and engagement are simpler than what you perceive it to be. Now that you know the ways in which you can improve productivity and retention, you should consider the value of any engaged workforce and software which can align with the mission and vision of a company.

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