9 Reasons Why Most Businesses Don’t Reach 6 Figures

Starting your own business is a great way to be economically independent. Also, you get to do something that you love. However, sustaining your business over time takes real effort. You need to make a decent amount of profit in your business to make sure that it doesn’t get plagued by any serious sort of financial problem.

When I started my own business, I immediately began hiring and as a result, my office was full of unskilled people. My business suffered a lot of financial loss because of this hasty decision. A few months later, I went for Financial staffing solutions to help me in hiring experts in various fields. That gave my business some financial stability soon.

Discussed below are 9 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

Not Selecting a Target Audience

This is the biggest mistake any entrepreneur can make. It is understandable that you might be tempted to attract as much audience as you can as a new business. However, it is not a wise decision to make. Selecting an audience helps you in improving and managing your products and services. If your audience is everyone, your business growth would become static over time.

Unable to Predict a Problem

Once your business starts growing, it is easy to get overwhelmed by success. Say you remained successful in selling a full batch of products. Now there are two options: one is to immediately produce another batch and the other is to wait for the feedback before doing so. Most businesses go for the first option hastily. Feedback from your customers would allow you to improve the quality of your product/ service that would drive up sales in the long run.

Not Maintaining the Same Energy Level

You might be very energetic and motivated at the start of your business career. However, as time passes by it is easy to get distracted and experience a fall in energy level. It is better to start with an average level of energy and maintaining it over time rather than slowly losing it all. So don’t exhaust yourself if you want to make a profit in your business.

Ignoring Team Building

You might find it convenient to work and make all business decisions alone at the start of your business career. But as your business expands over time, it would be very selfish on your part to continue doing so. Hire expert people for marketing, advertising and accounting extra if you want your business to keep growing.

Lack of Vision

Lacking a vision will keep your business from growing no matter how much effort you put in it. A great vision helps you in predicting problems and opportunities in advance. You can modify your business operations to suit the new conditions and make a considerable profit out of it.

Playing It Safe

Once you get established in the market, continuing to play safe is not going to get you anywhere near the 6-figured revenue. You need to experiment and innovate if you want your customers to remain loyal to you. So, don’t stick to your plan so strictly and try out new things.

No Concept of Agility

Sticking to your business plan and your way of working might sound great. However, once your business becomes popular, you need to adjust it to the new and changing environments to remain successful. So be a little dynamic with your plan and make the most of your business.

Sidelining Smaller Revenue Sources

Your business might remain successful in growing constantly for a year. But if you don’t start thinking about new sources of generating revenue soon, you’ll get stuck with the same profit forever. These new sources of revenue don’t have to be huge. You can start with something as simple as offering a discount code to a customer. The customer will surely positively review your product that will help you attract new customers.

Underpricing the Product

Not pricing your products accurately is another reason why businesses fail to make a decent profit. Basing your product’s price on what your competitors are charging is a flawed approach. You need to factor in your labor costs, the tax liability and other business expenses to suitably price your product.


If you think you are not good at something, it is better to seek the help of professionals to do it rather than screwing it up yourself. For example, instead of hiring mortgage professionals by myself for my business, I hired the mortgage recruiters to do this job. This decision proved to be very beneficial for my business.


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