8 Effective Measures to Train an Intern In Less Time

Interns can become a significant source of manpower that participate in the natural workflow and contribute positively in the growth of the company. Hiring an intern can be very fruitful if the unstructured talents can be morphed and utilized to come up with great prospects. Fresh minds in the organization tend to bring changes and question that a full timer will never ask. The extra set of hands allows you to meet the deadlines hence they are a cost effective solution too.

Training interns can be tricky as they stay for a short time span but with apt mentoring the newbie can become a valuable resource for the company even for that limited time. Below are the ways an intern can be converted to a valuable resource.

  • One Step Ahead Preparation

The interns have a good mind set of working in the company and enjoy the privilege of being a part of the reputed team. This is why they thoroughly go through the portfolio of the company and their responsibilities in the platform. They prepare themselves even before the internship starts. The head start can be utilized by building great relationship with the team members in advance to enjoy the short time period of valuable learning session and practical work exposure. The interns can be connected with an online community to discuss and learn and socialize with the team members in advance.

  • Experienced Supervision

This is an effective way of bringing the new talent into resourceful output. An intern can be deployed under an experienced employee who knows the work process and practical knowledge to complete assigned tasks. The employee can teach the innovative ways that he follows to get the job done. The techniques will be properly imparted and inculcated in the fresh mind and the intern will turn out to be a good asset. Hands-on experience in a short period of time is a very efficient way to teach an intern so many things in limited time & hence supervision becomes important.

Knowing the pros and cons of a task, the intern can work likewise efficiently without getting lost and come up with effective results. In this way an intern gets accustomed with the work culture of the organization very quickly.

  • Exposure

Hand-on experience is a better way to learn. Getting exposed to the real work will teach the students or interns how the job is actually done. As previously mentioned the intern can be assigned with duties under the supervision of an employee or told to gather information from the field. In this way they will get trained via practical exposure.

Training Interns Less time

  • Modus Operandi

This is an easy step to teach an intern his or her responsibilities in the organization. When an employee keeps a record of his or her steps to fulfill the assigned tasks it helps the other employees to fill his or her place while the employee switched jobs, left company or changed roles in the same organization. The record book can be like a Bible to the new intern. The records can be a great way to train the new talents and morph them as per the company needs. They will study the records as a case study and eventually understand the working process that leads to a prospective output.

This record on the other hand saves time and resources of the company as no trainer is required to constantly supervise the intern all the time. Self studying covers lion’s share of the responsibility and a little guidance can teach the intern from where to pick up the pace and be a part of the organization as soon as possible.

  • Orientation and Introduction Session

There are many departments in an organization which have their specific roles to play. Everything works like a clock and if any one department lags behind then the entire workflow might get hindered. This concept of cooperation and coordination can be imparted to the interns.

An intern enters a particular department that has a specific duty to fulfill. The beginning of the internship should be with an orientation program that teaches what all the departments do. The clear picture of the roles and responsibilities of very department will clarify how his or her actions will influence the organization. A sense of responsibility will be developed which will help the intern to cope up with the workflow and provide his or her valuable contribution to the company.

  • Audio-Visual Presentation

It is a different way of introducing an intern to a new work environment. Screen cast is a technical way where a digital recording of a screen output of a computer takes the viewer to a particular journey with proper audio descriptions. This technique involves a video of a working compute screen where the actions are been narrated by a background voice. Using both audio and visual ways of narration, the concepts are inculcated effectively in the minds of the interns.

This is a great way to impart specific knowledge to the aspirants and save a lot of precious time and resources. Just a shared link of a video will do the trick and no man power is necessary to discuss and impart education.

  • Online Learning Platforms

An intern can be proficiently trained by providing good material via online training programs. It is an effective medium of learning that contains documented guidance and video formatted instructions. An intern will be greatly benefited from the audio-visual description and documents of the work process or any related knowledge.

After a formal learning process, there are small tests and quiz that analyse the degree of knowledge absorption. After successful completion of the knowledge transfer, the interns get an executive to handle the queries. The intern begins working with the team. All the questions that arise are answered effectively by the executive or the collaborative team members. This process of teaching an intern and involving in practical output is a great way to impart knowledge in limited time span. The online program is very resourceful and involves quality learning.

  • Project and Weekly Reports

Offer the interns small but important projects and take weekly reports. The assignment can be split into small tasks as it can be tough for intern to come up with a project. Assess the performance and guide them. This will provide a quantifiable platform to judge the interns and knowledge will be imparted in a proper sense due to the research done by them for project completion. This will keep up their interest and engage their focus. Paying stipend to the interns is also a lucrative way to keep them engaged and earn for what they have done.

These are the effective ways in which the interns can be trained and educated with the work process of the company and unravel the hidden talents in them.

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